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Of your monthly budget, how much goes towards foodstuff?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21750points) July 29th, 2014
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Is food the biggest part of your spending? What follows?
Are you a careful spender or do you notice most of the month’s bills go to food without you realizing?

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We have a family of 5. I’d say food is probably our 3rd largest expense, after our child care and mortgage. It might even bump out our mortgage some months and move to the number 2 spot. We don’t limit our spending on food at all. If there is something we want, we get it.

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We spend anywhere from $150–250/week in food, and that’s just for me and my husband. This includes things like protein bars/powder not purchased at a grocery store, but does not include meals outside of the home. I’m not sure how much we spend on eating out per month. Most of our money probably does go to food when you take everything into account.

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@Seaofclouds sounds logical. So your cutbacks are on those luxury extras I guess?

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If we had to make cutbacks, we would make them on our cable and cell phones before we would start really watching our spending on food. Right now we are fortunate enough to be in a situation where we don’t need to make cutbacks.

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about 200/month

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Of $1588 pay/month. $400 a month, meals on wheels, $500 rent, $125 cable/internet/phone, $85 cell phone plan the rest for dining out and taxis, one major purchase like socks and underwear per month.

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15% of my monthly expenses are on food for me and two teenagers.

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Candy and sweets excluded, I spend about $30–40 a week on food and drink for 2 people. If I had to knuckle down, I could at least cut that by ⅓, given the food in house.

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We spend approximately $150 per week, so that would be about $600 per month for a family of five. That’s 4 adults and 1 preteen who is always hungry

Food is our second largest expense. Rent is first.

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Around $300–500 a month.

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Probably around $500 monthly.

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Most of it goes towards groceries. About $500 a month for two people!

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More than I want to spend. haha
Went shopping yesterday at a “discount” store and spent $76 on just a few things.
Veggies, fruits, stuff to make a pasta salad, some lunch items, cheese, cereal, about 4–5 days worth.
It goes fast.

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@Coloma A discount grocery store? Like…Aldi?

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@livelaughlove21 This one is called ” Foods 4 Less” in CA.
Not much “less” than the bigger chains here like Safeway, Raleys, Bel Aire. haha

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