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What has gotten into my old dog?

Asked by rojo (24179points) August 7th, 2014
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Every night about this time the two of us, me and my dog, go out into the yard to relieve ourselves. I always go to the same place but he has a circuit that he follows marking several different locations. In fact, he has made it clear that he thinks I am an idiot for not claiming more territory.

This evening, for the very first time, as I was unzipping and getting prepped, he came over and stopped directly over my spot and proceeded to urinate.

I did what any male would do, I peed on his head, (then shook it off because I had no toilet paper @Dutchess_III) and he ran off. I assume to complete his circuit.

What is the deal? I realize he is trying to assert his dominance but the old fart is 14 years old and has never before jumped in front of me and gone where I go. Does he think that with age comes privilege or what? We have never had any kind of argument about alpha status yet he seems to think that he is at the very least, my equal; or he did ‘till his head got soaked.

Any ideas as to what is going on?

I guess we will see if there is a repeat performance tomorrow night.

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I think he was showing a sense of humor, just seeing that you were paying attention.
I hope you washed his head after!
So tomorrow, for paybacks, go to each of his spots right after he does, “erasing” his marks. LOL

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It must be something in the air. When I go to the mailbox I always take the dogs with me and if they come when called afterwards, I give them a treat. I forgot today. I was distracted by something and just went back to work. So he stood in the hall barking. Not continual barking. He has a particular way of barking when he wants me to do something. He gives one bark, waits, another bark, waits, then another… etc. I went to see what his problem was because I know this is his ‘I’m in a pickle and need assistance’ bark but I couldn’t see anything wrong. So I went back to work. He started again. Eventually, it clicked that I’d forgotten his treat. He was telling me to get off my arse and get to the kitchen cupboard. He’s fine now. Gone to sleep in front of the fire. He hasn’t been so cheeky before either.

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HE tried to make you his bitch, that’s funny. Old ornery thing. You did the right thing actually.

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Peeing on his head was the right thing? Laughs.

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What got into your dog would depend on whether or not he had his mouth open at the time.

Seriously though, this is a really good article on the research into the social dynamics of dog piss.

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Interesting article. I liked the reference to marking and sniffing in dogs and Facebook in humans. For years we referred to this action on neighborhood walks as him checking his p-mail.

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PETA has been notified.

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There should be a category here beyond “great question” perhaps “question of the day” . Anyway, this has got to be a trophy winner. Congratulations! Perhaps the pup just wants to let you know that the yard is HIS domain. You’ll know when he starts peeing in the house. After all, he’s probably noticed that you only “mark” the bathroom.

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@stanleybmanly Yep, and I bet he is pissed off that I constantly taint the “Magic Never Empty Well”.

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@adirondack Well, asserting his dominance in doggy speak may not translate as well to humans. :D

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@KNOWITALL We just have to translate to dog.

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The idea that dogs use urine to mark territory/assert status is pretty old. It was proposed by Konrad Lorenz, in the early twentieth century.

Since then, research has actually not been able to support this claim. In free-ranging dogs, for instance, only twenty percent of marking is territorial.

It is now believed that dogs scent mark simply to leave information. The Facebook analogy is a good one, especially considering that Facebook is actually used to find dates/mates. A dog’s scent mark is very similar to Facebook’s “Looking for…”

Source (Apart from real-life-people): “Inside of a Dog”, by Alexandra Horowitz. Annoyingly written, but very up-to-date.

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You really peed on your dogs head?! OMG! That’s evil! lol

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Well, he hasn’t purposely stopped and peed in my spot again since that time although, the other night he came up behind me and walked right between my legs. If I hadn’t manage to stop the stream in time it would have happened again only this time it would have been an accident.

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@Rojo aRe you sure that dog sees ok still? Dogs do like to smell urine but

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He is 14 year, 4 months old, which is ancient for a BC. His hearing has gone, his eyes are beginning to have cataracts, his bladder control is somewhat questionable and he is a cantankerous old fart but his overall health is ok. It is just the bits and pieces that are falling apart.

When I come home at lunch he doesn’t even know when I walk through the door. Until the food goes in the microwave and he smells it he is oblivious.

The day is coming when I have to make that decision that I dread (and I will) but it is not yet that time

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@Rojo IT’s hard, I’m sure he’s enjoying his ‘golden’ years.

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@KNOWITALL well, he is getting more than his share of golden showers anyway!

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