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What improvements will Windows 9 have over 8 and 8.1?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) August 28th, 2014
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I’m hoping for a system that doesn’t crash.

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I’m hoping it will be more of an apology like Windows 7 was for Vista.

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Only the odd numbered versions are any good.

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Ars compiled a list of a few.

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@RocketGuy Truth. I just had to get a new laptop and a new desktop, and I’m getting the windows 7 “downgrade”.

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If you want an OS that does not crash, you must first reinvent the universe with different laws of physics.
I tried 8 once. Hated the Metro UI and installed the classic shell plugin. even then, after a month or so, the OS crashed and killed itself irrecoverably. Could not have gotten a better excuse to go back to 7.

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@ragingloli No kidding, that “downgrade” is the best thing you can do.

Unfortunately I’m thinking I might have to install it on my laptop so I can be familiar with it for computer work, might just do a VM though if my desktop can handle it. idunno

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The user interface on 8 is widely criticized, especially by casual users who want their usual stuff in the usual place, but crashing is not something mentioned about that OS. It should be stable for normal usage.
I wonder if you have some other problem on your system, either incompatible driver or some loose hardware connections (to RAM or to the hard drive?).

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@dabbler Early adopters of Microsoft releases are their beta testers. It seems the even numbered releases are beta tests of the odd numbered versions. Windows 8 does have issues, 8.1 is mostly stable. Microsoft apparently still uses the waterfall method of software development which means there really is not a continual process to squash bugs. They release and develop software in phases so if a bug is missed it’s going to wait until they have already released the product and move into the maintenance phase.

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