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What do you think about Windows 10?

Asked by reijinni (6953points) September 30th, 2014
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The next Windows system has been announced and I’m looking for opinions on the name.

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It is an unwritten rule that Windows versions alternate between good and shit.
98se: good
ME: shit
xp: good
vista: shit
7: good
8: shit.

They are skipping 9, the good version, and are going straight to the next shit one.

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Need a name? How about Decimation.

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As a desktop user, there’s nothing interesting to me in the Windows 10 announcement.

I like Windows 7. I like Windows 8 (because I can almost entirely avoid the Metro/tablet interface).

I will get the Windows 10 preview and run it in a virtual machine just out of curiosity.

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You can’t polish a turd.

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I am cautiously optimistic. But the name is stupid.

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Another Window OS? I haven’t got used to Window 8 yet…

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Since the goal is once again “One Windows on everything” I am shocked the didn’t go with WindowsOne to compliment the XBoxOne.

And OS X is still in use and will be for a long time.

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No wonder I am liking my Mac , more and more.

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Yup, I’m with Rags. If they called it Windows 9, it would have been fine.

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Turns out they skipped 9 for a good reason. There are a bunch of programs (e.g. browsers) that configure themselves according to what OS they are running on. Coders either lazy or wanting to cover sub-versions put a lot of tests like
—if OS like “Windows 9***” then—- and those are dispatched to code for Win95 and Win98.

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As a dedicated Apple and Honda user:

You should be able to be used to the product before it’s even in your possession.

Why? How is that even possible?

Because good industrial design is based on unchanging you.

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@SecondHandStoke Spoken like a true conservative.

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