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Where does Clark Kent make his transformation into Superman these days?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) October 18th, 2014
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And where are the clothes while Superman it being all…super?

I’ve not seen a modern Superman movie, so I don’t know if the absence of phone booths has been addressed, or not. Surely.

I could Google it, but I’m hoping this approach will be as informative and more entertaining.

If I were charged with solving the problem of missing phone booths, I’d probably have Clark remove his suit coat and walk to a secluded area where he throws the coat over his back and leaps into the air, where his suit morphs into his super tights. Land, remove the cape, reverse.

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I haven’t seen a Superman movie in a long time. Just a guess here, but maybe photo booths?

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hotel entrances.

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In one of the recent movies, there was a half-height phone booth, and he sneered at it. Then he went to an office building and swiveled around in the revolving door.

It would actually be a problem.

If I were Clark Kent, I would look seriously at any of the following:

1— elevators
2— elevator shafts
3— the back of a Fedex or UPS truck
4— handicapped stall in a public bathroom
5— In one of the private rooms in a tanning salon

But that’s not the real question. When he takes off his suit and puts on his spandex and his cape – what does he do with the shirt, tie, and slacks? It’s not like he carries a suitcase with him. What happens to his clothes?

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@elbanditoroso Revolving door thats the word I was looking for. The flash has a ring on his finger that his costume comes out of. Maybe Superman can get one of them.

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Outhouse and his cell phone, and he’s there. I’m guessing most of you guys haven’t seen an outhouse? That’s where the X-ray vision comes in handy.

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@Adirondackwannabe I hate when I have to decide to avoid the spiders or use the potty.

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Hey does the Pope shit in the woods?

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He can use a Police call box and as for his disguise, he should consider shrinking them and storing them in his belt buckle.

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@elbanditoroso “But that’s not the real question. When he takes off his suit and puts on his spandex and his cape – what does he do with the shirt, tie, and slacks? It’s not like he carries a suitcase with him. What happens to his clothes?”

Well considering that DC have decided that he’s basically a god, and pretty much give him any new convenient power they can think of he can probably just materialize new clothes at this point.

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I think trying to make a fictional world like Superman’s fit neatly within the bounds of real-world logic is a waste of time. I’ve loved Supe since I was 10 and couldn’t care less what happens to his Kent clothes or why people haven’t figured out why glasses are enough of a disguise. I’m satisfied just to enjoy the fiction and not think about ISIL and ebola.

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He changes in the local Porta-Potty. He wears his suit all of the time and compacts his clothes into a small ball and stores them in a pocket in his cape. Most guys would store that little ball in their pants but Superman doesn’t have to be more manly (in that area) than anybody else.

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Cape Town

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Nanomachines, son.

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I’m not trying to make Superman logical @Pachy. My question focuses on where Clark is making the transformation now that there isn’t a phone booth on every corner. Seems he used the revolving door of a hotel recently.

Porta pot is a decent idea, as there always seems to be one around.

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He ought to be able to change on top of very tall buildings if nobody was on the roof at the time. Or maybe perch in a tree in a thick forest somewhere.

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Yeah, but he’d have to already be Superman to leap the tall buildings, @snowberry. Heavens, Lois can’t be in peril long enough to take the elevator!

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the real answer is: he just has the costume, because he is superman.
hack writers these days do not care, nor do they have the intelligence, to come up with explanations for details like that.

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Oh, I thought he still had x-ray vision, and could hop down from trees and stuff, even if he was Clark Kent. I need to brush up on my super-stuff.

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I’m not certain, either, @snowberry. I was just thinking that a man in a suit leaping a tall building would surely bring someone’s attention.

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@ibstubro “I was just thinking that a man in a suit leaping a tall building would surely bring someone’s attention.”

Nah, everyone’s too busy typing into their cell phones to notice anything around them.

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@Darth_Algar And yet, if they happen to photograph that same action with their cell phone, well then that’s an altogether different story. It would go straight to YouTube, and Superman’s cover would be shot.

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Aha! I know, he changes in the cell phone shop. No one notices because the queue is so long and once you get to the end of the queue they tell you to phone the help line anyway. So he actually stands there start naked in between changes, which is quite hot really if you think about it? Then he dons his superman outfit.

The superman outfit has changed somewhat. It has an apron attached, diaper pins and isn’t nylon anymore since nylon kills his sperm count and makes him smelly anyway.

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Well, yuck! Just lots of yuck.

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I know! Let’s all pitch in and get Superman a holographic phone booth— a “pocket phone booth”, so he can change whenever and wherever he needs to, and the device will fit in Clark Kent’s back pocket. Problem solved.

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I think he works a shift as Clark a shift as Superman. So he doesn’t need to change. He just floats over the planet listening for a cry for help.

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Today it would be much more sensible for Superman to work for UPS or FedEx. Built in dressing room and he just has to finish the deliveries super fast once the world is saved.

The holographic changing room is very creative and up to date fix @snowberry, but I think it would have to be more hip than a phone booth. Maybe a Red Box outlet or a Starbucks kiosk.

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@ibstubro Yeah, also since there are no real journalists these days, only corporate disinformation/entertainment mills, there’s no point in working for The Daily Planet. He can get his information from reading everyone’s mail with his x-ray vision. He’d need to do things quickly though, since UPS now uses GPS tracking to monitor their drivers’ movements.

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Well, he was able to reverse time in the first movie, @Zaku.

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@ibstubro Yeah… I think there should be an alternate universe where Clark Kent is a UPS driver who’s always turning back time to fool the darned worker-tracking systems. Maybe it can be a Doctor Who crossover where the Time Lords show up because of the chaotic side effects on the universe, and decide the best solution is to hack the UPS computers so they don’t really track their employees.

Oh, and it seems like someone should really link to the canonical joke/answer to this even though it doesn’t show where his clothes and briefcase went.

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