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Are you a fan of the EDC pocket knife fad?

Asked by Shut_Yo_Mouth (322points) November 5th, 2014
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We used to carry Bucks and Shrades but we didn’t clip them neatly into our relaxed fit, stonewashed jeans. Rather just dropped them into our Wranglers. You see the pocket are designed for nothing to drop out of them when you’re riding(equestrian) I don’t believe many even use those things, and never had to hone them. Haha I guess I’m working class hero. Thank you
P.S. I had a great collection, these were Damascus steel, and original Shrade with celluloid handles. I hate that Shrade had to close their doors. The brand name has reappeared but they are made in bloody Mongolia now. Not worth it. I had to abandon my collection once, pains me greatly.

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I’m ok with it.

I always have at least one knife on me. Usually it is a small Victorinox Swiss Army knife. I also used to carry a clip on utility or box cutter knife when working construction. Handy to have.

I haven’t carried anything larger since college days and for a short time after.

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I’ve carried a Spyderco for the last 22+ years. Knives that don’t fold aren’t really practical if you’re on the go.

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I didn’t realize it was a fad, but I guess I have no problem with it. I’ve carried a Swiss Army knife on my keychain for years. It’s been useful enough that I have no reason to object to anyone else doing the same sort of thing.

I also have a balisong that I sometimes carry for self-defense purposes, but that’s a separate issue.

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I do not carry weapons.

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It’s a fad? I guess that mechanics that buy wrenches are just being trendy rather than doing so out of any real need for a tool. Then again, many people insist on buying 4WD vehicles that never see so much as a mud puddle.

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No. I still like the Ka-Bar knife. That and a baseball bat are my home protection weapons.

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Me, carry a pocket knife! Are you kidding?! I’m terrible with knives, and I have the scars to prove it. I can’t cut a bagel without drawing blood!!

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Knives are a terrible idea in self-defence – they’re just too easy to take from a person. So I don’t carry weapons. Instead I’ve learned how to become a weapon.

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@FireMadeFlesh Try cutting off a hunk of cheddar with your bare hands :p

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@jerv I think the market just exploded, same as the whole energy drink thing. My observation from where I stand. Blaa blaa blaa I don’t feel any enmity in your answer just disagreement. While we are on the subject knives are small maneuverable, and to intercept them where it’s needed for control-at the wrist is dang hard.
@Pachy sorry about your injuries I’ve run into a couple of guys with those, makes me shiver. Yikes my hands have arthritis so the knife is for utility only. These hams at the ends of my arms are for aggressive negotiations.

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P.S. Thank you. I must be out of my mind to not have included Gerber.

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@jerv Usually when I’m cutting off a hunk of cheddar, I’m in my kitchen, where I have knives. I do also own some combat knives, but I don’t carry any blades down the street.

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May I suggest something very humorous? Get a pair of nunchucks and go to town with them in the back yard. Or have a friend do it. I guarantee much mirth.

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@Shut_Yo_Mouth Sorry for any misunderstanding, but I see it as fad-like as wearing textiles instead of animal skins. I mean, when I think fad, I don’t think “something people have done for centuries”, or “something I personally done for decades”; I think something a bit more recent.

Now, doing it as a fashion symbol is honestly something I’ve never heard of, and it sounds a bit silly. But being raised in a relatively rural area, and doing a lot of different things where having a blade handy at all times is a good thing, I see “fashion blades” as not much sillier than not carrying a knife at all.

Personally, I favor my folders to be small (2½” is about right), half-serrated, and semi-disposable as I sometimes do things that ruin them and would rather lose a $5 blade than anything fancy. I have no brand loyalty for my pocket blades as I go through them fairly fast, and the brand-name ones don’t last much longer than the cheapos the way I treat them; they just break i a different way. However, I am not fond of Buck, as I’ve had too many issues with the ones I’ve been given.

@FireMadeFlesh At home, I have a preferred knife for that. I’m not always home though.

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I agree on the Buck issue, they are not as visionary as say Boker Solinger. Thanks for the reassurance, no apology necessary. Good luck on the new day.

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@jerv I think our difference here is also cultural. You may encounter someone with a concealed gun at any time. I most likely will not. Apart from the self-defence facet, your line of work is industrial, while I work with sick children. Carrying a knife would just be inappropriate for me, unless I’m going camping.

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@FireMadeFlesh Self defense has nothing to do with it. My preferred blades would be useless in a fight. As for the other, well yes; my work is more industrial, as are some of my hobbies. It’s come in handy even for getting a drink at Starbucks; they never vent the lid well enough for me to suck down a huge gulp of latte.

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I am very glad that many here are so very level headed. If this had been in another no-name forum it would have started a flame war. My father Marine Corps officer of the Vietnam era told me, “Fight hard, but fight fair.” I will use it if I pull it in desperation. My main concern is not to be saved, my main concern is to resolve conflict, if that means the end of this tour of the world, so be it and gladly may I add.

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I have recently switched to the kershaw knives with the assist. Very handy even if I use it mainly to open boxes. I guess the “fad” is using the clip on the knife in your pocket? It’s the most practical way to tote the thing I.M.O. I generally always have one with me. I’m also really anal about keeping them razor sharp. Nothing sucks more than a tool that can’t do its job.

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good steel proprietary or not. great locking mechanism. i hate assisted and autos. a basic springback like the link. it looks like sheepfoot blade. when i feel tough i keep my tanto point.

trying to get link, trouble. loging off,

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