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Do you keep your vehicle doors locked when you're driving?

Asked by Brian1946 (31867points) March 6th, 2015
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If you don’t, an uninvited and dangerous female predator might become a majorly uninvited passenger.

I’m not lion, people!

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My car locks itself as I get up to 10 miles an hour. No lion will get me.

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My doors lock when I start the engine. Plus, I haven’t driven anywhere there are lions since… well, ever.

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If I was driving around a lion park I certainly would these days. My sister took me to a lion park when I first came to Australia. Half way round she said “oh damn, we’re about to run out of petrol’. She liked to live dangerously. Thankfully we made it to the other side of the park and to a petrol station.

Other than in a lion park, I don’t lock the doors and I really hate cars that automatically lock. @Pachy or @chyna, what happens in an accident? Do your doors unlock if there’s an impact? What if you’re unconscious and can’t open the door?

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My doors lock automatically when I reach 15 mph.

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Depending on the area and time. However, when I go on long trips at high speed, I keep them unlocked to make the work of rescue teams easier in case of an accident.

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Isn’t “dangerous female predator” redundant on multiple levels?

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Fuck yes I lock my doors, especially if I’m driving in pomona where carjackings, random shootings, rape and murder are all weekly occurrences.

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@elbanditoroso I think it’s probably that much more terrifying if it’s a female.

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Never. However, I did see a serval cat run across the road in front of my car once and I have flushed barn owls and red-tailed hawks on several occasions.

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Mine lock automatically.

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I usually lock my doors when I get in the car. If I forget, the car locks them once I have moved forward several feet.

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Nope. Isn’t it bad to have power locked doors if you end up underwater?

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@janbb If i go into the drink my plan is to use both legs and kick the windshield out!

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@janbb Yes! And that is my worry, too. I go over 6 different bridges every day going to and from work. But you can’t buy a new car now without power locks.

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As I said somewhere up there, I hate when we hire a car and it locks the doors. We live in a very safe country and I think locking the doors poses a bigger threat to my safety than any protection against possible crime. I have no idea how you can switch that feature off but it freaks me out.

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I hate the new cars. My 2006 little mighty-Max Subaru Forester with its 43,000 miles is a crown jewel. When I bring it back to the local Subaru dealer for servicing, the salesman who sold me the car keeps trying to buy it back. I am planning to be buried in it, if possible, cat scratches and all.

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I don’t even lock mine when it’s parked. Then again, the most valuable thing in it is worth less than the cost of a replacement window; how badly do I really want to protect a roll of duct tape and a pile of cigarette butts?

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In one car the doors lock automatically so I am not sure if that counts. In my old pickup, no.

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Mine locks the doors automatically, at a certain speed as well.
Mine has a malfunction where, when shut off, the doors will lock if I tarry a few feet from the car. It can sit there unlocked for days, unless I approach it, then it locks.

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