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How do I figure out my OS in order to create a re install CD?

Asked by LDRSHIP (1795points) May 12th, 2015
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Per title.

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Ok so I figured out is it a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. However, my only issue is figuring out if it is X64 or X86?

In my program files it says X86. But another person just told me X86 is 32bit…..Not sure what I have then exactly.

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Go to Start -> Computer -> System Properties

Look under System -> System type

That will tell you whether it’s 64-bit or 32-bit. As far as I know, X86 can be either one.

Is that all you wanted to know re. “figuring out my OS”?

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I need to know if the OS is X86 or X64 at this point.

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@dappled_leaves is right: X86 is the 32 bit OS while X64 is the 64 bit.

I had Windows 7 64 bit as my OS last year, and it used this dual X86/X64 representation. Also, I just checked, and my Windows 8.1 system identifies it as “64 bit operating system, X64 based processor.”

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X86 means 32 bit

X64 means 64 bit

Use @dappled_leaves’ instructions ^^^

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I just want to make sure I download the correct ISO the file list gives me options for X86 or X64.

I put the registration key into the Windows recovery site, but because it is an OEM I can’t simply download it from them.

But anyways I looked on the computer and it says 64 bit so I figure should be fine with downloading the X64 ISO.

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If you have a program files folder with the suffix (x86), it means your windows is 64bit, because 64bit windows creates a separate program files folder for 32bit programs.

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Ok thanks guy. I was also told that I HAVE to buy the recovery CD from the in order to do a clean install of the OS.

Couldn’t I just download and burn the ISO to CD or USB and work the same? What is the difference?

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For any of those interested, I found a program called Rufus and was able to properly put the Windows 7 Home Premium ISO onto the USB drive.

Find out tomorrow when I install new hardware if it works!

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