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When was the last time you were a slave to fashion?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) June 2nd, 2015
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Wore attire that wasn’t a ‘perfect fit’, but had ‘the look’ you wanted.

Maybe something in the closet that was XL before your present L?

Something S you had before you achieved M?

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I am a slave of size and comfort.

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My clothes have to fit right, for sure.

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When I was a fop, getting caught in ill fitting clothing would be unthinkably scandalous. I held fast to the elitist dictum that even more essential than fine clothing was the necessity of a good tailor.

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High School or possibly College.

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High School, I had a pair of cavalry pants, blue with a yellow stripe down the sides I would wear with a Hawaiian shirt and a full length OD green double breasted trench coat and a pair of jungle boots. ok, so maybe “slave to fashion” does not quite fit

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The only time I remember being a slave to fashion, and a willing one at that I might add, was when I was 14 [1974] and hounded my parents until they bought me a pair of Levis, I felt so good wearing them, like I had come home. NZ hasn’t had Levi jeans for as long as you people in the US.

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Never. I wear what appeals to me, whether it be for color, comfort, pizazz, but never do I let anybody dictate to me what should I have in my closet. I wear my hair how I am happy with it. I do not spend outside my budget.

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I can’t remember ever buying clothes that either don’t fit or don’t suit me just because they’re in fashion.

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Never. I go for clothes that don’t bug me. I haaate bras, but it’s awkward to not wear one in public because either my clothes don’t fit, or it sends the wrong message. I don’t know if wearing a bra makes me a slave to fashion or not…

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When I was 9 years old. About 50 years ago.

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I tend to have problems with my feet, so I should not wear flat shoes.
But I do.

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@snowberry, I must agree with you on that point. Every time I put on a bra, I get this mental image of some farmer fastening a yoke on an ox.

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I guess I became a slave to the scarves that are all the rage now.
The eternity scarves, wool ones, ones with fringe you name it.
I am to the point that I wear them with a plain t shirt and jeans
and converse tennis shoes and I think I am so cool… 58!
But at least I am comfortable! Kinda like beanie babies…what
will I do with all of them when the scarf rage is over????

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Wear them anyway, @MooCows, if you like them!
I hadn’t even realized that scarves were the rage. I did notice a whole gaggle of young women wearing berets this evening. Is that a rage?

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