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Where are my keys?

Asked by Yellowdog (12208points) September 10th, 2015
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They still exist, and I think I have misplaced them in my house. But I’m dumb, so what do I know.

I assume at least 70 percent of you are smarter than me. Please use this gift and help me. Maybe the “collective” of you and your great minds can send positive meditation energies my way.

I really can’t find them and I’m marooned in my own home until I do.

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I don’t know where your keys are, but when you do find them eventually, you might want to look into buying this.

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Try looking inside the frizzer

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They will be he last place you look.

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That usually happens to me when I come up with a clever place to put something so I’ll remember it. 10 minutes later I can’t remember where I put it. Or is something covering them up?

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Haha….first, stop with the negative, reinforcing self talk. You’re only as dumb as you think you are. haha
Try to remember the last time you used them, then, go back and retrace your steps.
Look in your pants, jacket, shirt pockets, on counter tops, on any table tops, work bench in the garage, on the seat of your car, on the floor of your car, in the trunk lock, door locks.

Are your car keys and house keys on the same ring? Check door locks for the hanging keys. Look under clutter if you have clutter around, blankets, pillows on the couch, down the cracks of the cushions on chairs, couch, could they have fallen out of your pocket while you were laying down or sitting somewhere?
Look on the floor by your car, in the garage, etc. they might have fallen on the floor.
Good luck, report back! lol

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Can’t really say who was most helpful—but I bought a lot of junk for my parents which I personally had little interest in so I set it all aside until I can get it to my Mom and Dad.

Since I had little personal investment in the stuff, I set it aside on my kitchen table.
My keys were UNDER that stuff.

Thanks for your help—ALL of you. Strange to say, but although none of you could REALLY help, there’s something really good and helpful about folks just responding. Little things you all say will clear the mind and keep me rational, Thanks again for all your help. I’m not even late yet. I loose things often, and it usually takes hours. This was more like 90 minutes and more productive

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Look in the refrigerator.

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I agree with @Coloma try to think the last time you had them. One memorable time I “lost” my keys. We were on a trip and I searched and searched. We went to breakfast and I was still pondering when I remembered HEARING them drop while packing my suitcase. Sure enough, they were in my suitcase! Let us know when you find them!

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^^ He did.

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Awesome! Good job! :-)
Now…can you help me find my holistic allergy pills? lol—Where did I put them?—

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This jelly never found hers.

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OMG Yellowdog!! LONG TIME NO SEE..


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I would have said to trace back over what you had done since you last had then. At some point you’d have got to dumping all that stuff on the kitchen table.

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Actually, you left them in your car.

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Fluther found my glasses for me.

Standard advice in my household is “Look under something.” Sounds like it would have worked for you too.

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