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How do I remove sticker silhouette/imprint on a guitar?

Asked by mothacid (54points) September 13th, 2015
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Here’s a photo of the example I’m talking about that I would want to remove.

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Are you referring to the large letters “J” and “R” ?

There is a product called “Goo Gone” which would be worth a try. It’s not that expensive and is citrus oil based so not that caustic.

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You may have to refinish the entire guitar, a guess on my part (been years seen I was involved with guitar finishes) about $ 500 to 800 to do it right.
Check around for luthiers and guitar re-finishers. A bad finish can greatly reduce the value.

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Personal reasons, aesthetic reasons or legal reasons?

#1 Why ask the question?

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Before trying to refinish the entire guitar, you might try using very fine steel wool or sandpaper working to extremely fine and then use polishing compound to perhaps remove the oxidized finish around where the stickers were. You might either try to feather it out or do the entire side above the neck. A trial spot treatment with white polishing compound may be enough to get the oxidized finish, in which case you could conceivably do the entire guitar top. I am approaching this as an automobile clear paint.

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Put a little vegetable oil (used in cooking) on a soft piece cloth or tissue paper and lightly rub the sticker area. Let it sit for a while and then repeat. the residue from the sticker should rub off completely.

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If that sticker has been there for a long time and the imprint is caused from varnish being shielded from UV then not much short of refinishing. If it’s a pricy/sentimental instrument take it to a luthier. Otherwise you can try to polish the crap out of the finish using a superfine polishing compound and buffing wheel.

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@ibstubro I’m a potential buyer but not too fond of the JR. The seller is trying to sell me on “it’s cool and adds character” hahah. While that may be true, for the price he wants it’s not that cool to me

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@mothacid If you are the “buyer” of this item tell the “Seller” to remove it . . . because it does not add anything.

It is your money, or offer a dollar the way it is and their asking price if it is SUCESSFULLY removed.
It is damaged merchandise just like a twisted neck or a “humming” pick-up.

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I agree with @ARE_you_kidding_me. It looks to me like “JR” put his initials on the instrument when is was new, and successive wear/UV has burnished the finish around the initials.
I also agree that if it’s a high priced piece, you should seek out a professional before buying, of the letters bother you. It’s possible that it could be polished to the original finish and the letters disappear. I would not undertake any repairs myself.

Probably a pass, from what we know here.

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