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Halloween approaches! What's your favorite candy then (as a kid) and now (as an adult)?

Asked by ibstubro (18799points) October 13th, 2015
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As a young kid I remember a particular fondness for Chuckles and Necco Wafers.

As an adult I’m currently fighting an addition to Dove Dark Chocolate Covered Cranberries.

My great aunt, who rubbed elbows with Presidents and celebrities, never lost her taste for ‘a good fresh’ Circus Peanut or Orange Slice.

Have your tastes changed radically or remained true?

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There were definitely tiers when I was a kid. The top tier included Reeses Peanutbutter Cups, Twix, Kit Kit, and full-size bars, followed by Snickers, M&Ms, etc. The bottom tiers were the non-chocolate items and the “old people” items, such as popcorn balls, Baby Ruth, Almond Joy, and (sorry) Necco wafers.

Today, I can only tolerate Twix bars when I can convince my kids to donate. The rest is just way too sweet. Nobody is giving out 70%+ dark chocolate bars.

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I loved getting Charleston Chews Trick or Treating. Put in the freezer and crack it into pieces! Yum!

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Kid: tootsie roll pops

Adult: Heath bars or Reese’s peanut butter cups.

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Kid-M & M peanut
Adult- M & M peanut

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Blood sausage.

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off topic Are there suckers which include lemon and cayenne in a sour flavor? It could be named The Raging Lolli.

Very small – Tootsie Rolls.
Still little – peanut butter cups and Three Musketeers.
Leaving the trick or treat age – ANYTHING with chocolate.
Now – chocolate truffles.

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I love Twix, @DoNotKnow. Especially the fun-sized, so I can eat 1 or 5. Kit Kat is fairly low on the sweet scale, too.

I think Bit-O-Honey was all we had here, @Cruiser. Similar, with Betty-Janes?

Alas, my teeth no longer stand Heath bars, @elbanditoroso. Once in a while I get a small one and, guess what? I still can’t hold them in my mouth long enough for all the chocolate to dissolve off them.

I like pain better as a kid, @josie. The dark chocolate sparked my interest as an adult.

Never had it, @ragingloli.

Harry and David chocolate truffles are excellent, @Here2_4! (Never a Musketeer fan.)

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Fizzy sweets then and now. Jelly or boiled. It doesn’t matter.

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Cadbury chocolates. Now Cadbury cream eggs.

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Mars bars, Heath bars & Skor bars, then and now.

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My tastes haven’t changed much – I still go for the chocolates, and I would be hard pressed to choose a favourite.

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My favorite chocolate is red Lindt.

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Then: skittles (aka the reason why I developed a lifelong phobia of the dentist).

Now: anything sour and citrusy.

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I liked chocolate peanut butter cups best. Hmm and Mounds (coconut in chocolate). And almond roca, though almost no one handed that out.

Now I’m drinking 2% milk with a little bit of old cold coffee in it, and it tastes as good as a chocolate milk shake used to. My sugar tolerance/desire is way way down as an adult. Mounds is still good. Or a rum chocolate truffle.

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Smarties then
Reese Peanut Butter Cups

I could go on and list more but that would take up a lot of space.

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Snickers then.
Payday now.

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I love caramel apples. ANYTHING caramel, really.

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This is a bad question for me as I have just given up candy this last week. Gah..I love candy!
I liked the neopolitan brachs coconut candies way back when and all the little miniature candy bars like butterfinger, snickers, milky way, 2 musketeers etc.

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When I was a kid, I hated chocolate (except the white variety). The only other kind I could really tolerate was peanut butter cups (which I still love). My mom benefited from most of my Halloween candy, but I kept the smarties and similar candies. Loved circus peanuts and sugared fruit slices.

I am much more fond of chocolate as an adult but it still can’t be dark or plain…peanut M&Ms, peanut butter cups, Snickers, Skor are favorites. I still like circus peanuts and fruit slices, too. It kind of sucks how much I like it all now.

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I’ve always loved Butterfingers and the Hershey’s Special Dark miniatures.

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The Big Hunk used to be popular. Smash it up and put it on some ice cream. Neccos was good (sp?) and smarties.. gotta love them smarties. Nobody wanted the candy/gum combo.. then or now.

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Fizzy sweets? @Stinley? Enlighten us in the states?

Caramello is the only Cadbury product I remember from when I was a kid. We loved them but mom would seldom share.

Skor was a late arrival here, @rojo, but I liked it. I was never a Mars fan.

I don’t think you can do much better than a well made dark chocolate, @Seek. Dove is amazing for being mainstream.

Lindt are excellent chocolates, @talljasperman.

I have a dentist phobia, too, @Banjo_Pickin_Appalachian_Wizar. I liked the taffy and caramel candy. In my teens I gave up Jolly Ranchers after pulling several crowns off.

I wondered when Mounds would come up, @Zaku. We lived in the sticks and my grandmother (the grade-school teacher) would sneak us shelf-display cases. We’d run out to the car and she’d thrust the box at us and say, “Here! Don’t let your mother see it!” lol

We ate tons of Sweet Tarts when I was a kid, @crazyandbeautiful They really aren’t too good.
I have given up on the peanut butter in the cups because the little points of chocolate make me nuts!
Waste all the cyber ink you feel necessary.

I like them both, @majorrich. Would probably take Payday, today.

Yeah, my mom would pierce the bottoms of the chocolates in a box with her fingernail and only eat the truffles and gooey centers. I didn’t care. I liked the caramels and jellies, @Pachy.

LOL, @Coloma! I was just trying to describe those coconut Neapolitan candies this week. For a while they had them in bar size at the community pool.

Wow, @augustlan. My aunt would be so proud that a love of circus peanuts and fruit slices lives on in a new generation. I think white chocolate has evolved a lot in my lifetime from near all sugar to a great, rich flavor. (Could be we just ate cheap.)

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As a kid: caramel apple pops

Now: marzipan. Possibly the ultimate old person treat!

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My teeth got too old for Butterfinger, @StillWorksForChocolate, but I still like some of the little Butterfinger balls-in-a-bag now and then. I loved Special Dark, the Dove stole my heart. :)

Now, Big Hunk is a new one on me, @Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One. I think we had a similar one, but no name springs to mind. At first I thought you meant Chunky. Candy-gum? Did you have Razzles?

OMG I love marzipan, @Haleth. My mother kept hers hid, faithfully, but I got a sample now and then. And a delicious soft sweet black licorice shaped like fruits.

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Junior mints
Sour patch kids
Reese’s pieces
Neccos ah ok not great
Mike and Ike
M & MS

I loved anything chocolate and sour candy.
I still love what is on this list. I’m the biggest candy junkie I know.

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No, if you google Big Hunk you’ll see the candy bar. I think we liked it as kids mainly because it was a bloody huge piece of candy. It was nearly impenetrable by teeth alone.. but great on ice cream. I don’t know if they even still make them.

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Oh, I forgot Butterfingers… those were up there, too, though also really intense, even as a kid.

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I see you mostly like your candy in bits and bited, @crazyandbeautiful. Probably some psychoanalytic message there. ;-)

Yeah, I did Google it, @Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One. Big, white, nougat looking thing with nuts in it. I’ve never seen or heard of it.

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@ibstubro Brachs displays seem to be gone forever,

@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One Oooh.Smarties! I have Smarties, but have not been rating them. I might have to cheat a little on my self imposed candy ban. haha

Edit: 3 Musketeers not 2 Musketeers. Nobody caught that type? haha

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Heath bars or Hershey with Almonds . . . but now Andes: Creme De Menthe.

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I’m pretty sure we still have Brach’s displays here in the Midwest, @Coloma, but they are disappearing fast.

We used to eat the hell out of Andes mints, @Tropical_Willie! Haven’t had one for years.

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Bedtime and this thread gave me a sweet tooth. Digging past the jelly beans, licorice and peanut M&M’s in the huge candy jar I found a partial box of Crows!
A favorite then and a treat now. I’m off with my Crows and a bottle of ice cold water.

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I dislike chocolate. I don’t hate it, I just never care about it. Y’all can have all of it.

My favorites, then and now, are: Bottlecaps, Sweet-tarts, Spree, PopRocks, Mentos

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Somebody send me some of those coconut neopolitan brachs, I will pay good money! lol

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I used to like ruffles coconut and chocolate fingers.

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As a kid: Chuckles, Kit Kat, Chunky, Hershey’s, Hershey’s with Almonds, Almond Joy, Sno Caps, (can’t remember the name- licorice that looks like pink and white pills, comes in a box). Reese’s peanut butter cups, M&M’s (plain and peanut). Raisinets.

As an adult: All of the above from childhood plus anything sour: Sour Patch Kids, etc. Anything licorice, like Crows. Anything gummy, like Swedish Fish.

I hardly ever buy candy for the house because if I do, I’ll eat it. Once in a while, if I’m out shopping and hungry, I’ll buy a bag of M&M’s or something at the check out.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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Then Butterfingers.

Now Hershey bar.

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@jca That licorice that looked like pink and white pills was “Good-n-plenty—haha
I do not like licorice, I like red licorice though.

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Damn edit, zero seconds. Grrrr!

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@Coloma: Oh yeah, Good n Plenty.

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@Blueroses and @ibstubro reminded me of two I forgot. Razzles and Spree. I loved them both.
Right now I want a big bowl with a big bag of Reese’s Pieces, and a big bag of plain m&ms mixed together in it. It is a great nibble treat.

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Mmmmmm Spree, driving candy.

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@ibstubro like Haribo sours? Or Kola Kubes. I used to love Kola Kubes. They make your tongue hurt if you eat too many!

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When I was about 16 a couple friends and I decided to pass out chocolate covered Milk Bones to the kiddies. Trick or treat right? Hey, we figured the kiddies would have clean teeth and get a taste of candy too. The neighborhood parents were not amused. lol

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Chocolate covered Milk Bones.

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We’ll gladly divvy up your chocolate, @Blueroses. You can have all my Sweet-tarts and I’d forgotten these! Spree.

We have very similar tastes, @jca. I’d forgotten Sno-caps. We loved them, although I have to admit I now find them disgusting. lol Swedish fish were my dad’s favorite. The Dollar Tree here carries (at times) Switzer’s Green Apple licorice and I love it!

Hard to beat a good old Hershey bar, @filmfann. Honestly.

“Do you like those little pink and white pills that are black in the middle?”
“Good! Cause you’ll have plenty!”

How’s spree driving candy, @rojo?

When I was a kid Lemon Heads and Sour Cherries were the sours, @Stinley. Only eaten Haribo gummies and never seen Kola Kubes! Seems they are so sour they well not deliver to the US,

@Coloma you don’t have good money to pay for Brach’s Neapolitans, and choclate Milk Bones would surely bring a lawsuit today (although I notice that the new trend is putting dog treats in the food clearance bins around here. I wonder how many people enjoy a cheap little doggy treat!)

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@ibstubro at the risk of being lewd: Something tasty and chewy to suck on while driving long distances.

See also Jolly Ranchers and Life Savers.

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I also used to enjoy Necco Wafers and Smarties. in those days they were very popular and we got lots of them. Did Smarties inspire SweeTarts? or the other way round?

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@ibstubro , I meant, I’d pay good money for someone to ship me some since the Brachs displays are non-existent around here for years now.

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A lewd driving spree, @rojo?

Smarties probably just ‘are’, @majorrich. Like Sixlets vs M&M. Some candies seem to just exist on the on the periphery decade after decade.

How much you payin, @Coloma? I think I can buy them locally.

I found a bag of cherry M&M’s today. Yum! Holding the line against my last bag of Dove dark chocolate covered cranberries.

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@ibstubro The price per pound, all shipping fees and some for you too, or a bonus for getting them. haha Name your price. Or I could send you something comparable you want from CA. as an exchange of goods.

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@rojo I can recommend Kola Kubes. They’ve got a chewy centre.I think you may have to travel back in time to 1970s scotland to buy them…but they’d be cheap!

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Add to my list Jolly Ranchers and Starlight Mints (or any generic red and white mint candy). I’m a biter, not a sucker.

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@Stinley Looks like they are still available! And both types; the ones that are solid and the originals with the soft center but they are called “Taverners” now.

Speaking of soft centers does anyone remember “Freshen Up” gum which was advertised as the gum that squirts (probably why we called it cum gum)?

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I’ll look within 48 hours and let you know, @Coloma.

I pulled a crown off my teeth 3–5 times before I gave up Jolly Ranchers for all time, @jca. You don’t want to know about retrieval and replacement. I preferred spearmint and cinnamon discs to peppermint.

Yeah, I loved cum-gum, @rojo. Before that Gramma bought us Clark’s Teaberry and Beeman’s.

Anyone remember the Candy Cane gum that was the peppermint companion to Fruit Stripe?

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Let me add cinnamon discs and butterscotch hard candy to my list.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (2points)

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