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Our friend the Floridian has reached 50k! Join me and wish Happy 50k to JLeslie!

Asked by jca (36059points) November 18th, 2015
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One of our favorite Floridians has reached 50k!

Happy 50k, JLeslie! What are we going to have at her party?

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Well, I’m tipping my imaginary hat. Congratulations!!

Goes to show, you do help people. A whole lot of them, apparently! Don’t doubt yourself again, please.

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W00T W00T! What a cowinkydink…I found the 50K mansion online just now, and it’s for sale!
So I provided the place, ya’ll have to provide the food.

.........................´*•.¸ ..ღ☃ღ...¸.•*´
´*•.¸*•.¸:•:♥ ♪ ♫ ♪♫*•.¸´*•.¸♥¸.•*´¸.•*´♫♪ ♫ ♪♥ :•:¸.•*´¸.•*´
«´¨`•«´¨`•«´¨`•° Congratulations Miss JLeslie!! *°•´¨`»•´¨`»•´¨`»
¸.•*´¸.•*´:•: ♥ ♪ ♫ ♪♫¸.•*´¸.•*♥`*•.¸`*•.¸♫♪ ♫ ♪♥ :•:`*•.¸`*•.¸

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Congrats @JLeslie! I’ll bake a low-fat cupcake in your honor.

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Congrats JLeslie. That’s quite an accomplishment. Can I suggest golf cart races for the entertainment part of the party?

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Yeah, i’m happy to sign up for this coz you’re alright…kinda ;-}

ucme (50037points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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LOL @Adirondackwannabe! You are a terrible Jelly!

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Mazel Tov on the 50K, JLeslie!

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Cheers! Love having you around, wowser…50K!
Well shit…I still have work to do at only 2:02 pm on the west coast, it just isn’t fair you east coasters have already arrived at cocktail hour. Let the party commence, I’ll just sip on my boring ice water for another 3 hours.haha

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Congratulations @JLeslie. You’re one of the mainstays of Fluther and we’re very glad you’re here. 50k is an amazing feat.

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Awwww thanks! GA’s for everyone! I’m bringing shish kabobs and rice. Chicken, steak, and a vegan option. Baklava for dessert.

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Congratulations! What a feat to get to 50k! Let’s get this party rolling and bring on the conga line. Beer and pizza are out by the pool and the band is in the main house. I love these parties.

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Congrats on the 50K! You are breathing in such rarefied air.
Your answers are so deep and well formed it is obvious you give them a lot of thought.
I’ve said it before: You have helped more people than you know.
Thanks for being here and contributing so much to the collective.

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Congrats! Always love our conversations. Can you drive me to the party so I don’t have to wait all day for HART?

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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50Kongratulations. You are one of the most regular contributors here so it is well deserved.

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Oooh I want shish kabob over rice, make mine with big chunks of grilled yellow squash please!

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Wow, congratulations!

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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Who’s bringing the cheesecake?

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Congrats! @JLeslie In your honor is was not late to your party, and man that’s really something!

I know you’re getting ready to make a move, but you’ll have your penthouse at the mansion forever.
What a treat.
I’m baking my special carrot cake for the party.

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Cheesecake choices galore to tempt most anyone .
notice my special period above.

Congratulations @JLeslie! The implications of 50k in lurve spins my brain.

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^^^ Makes me thing of GailCalled.

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That’s a GREAT thing.

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Holy smokes, @JLeslie! Don your best Chanukah sweater and put your feet up by the pool. Congratulations!

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Congratulations, @JLeslie! I really like that you take the time to answer questions to the best of your ability – even the medical questions. I know that people sometimes get bothered that people try to answer those questions since we don’t have any doctors here (anymore), but I still appreciate that your answers are genuine and coming from a good place, and that you’re so willing to attempt to help people. :)

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One of my all time favorite jellies, and one I consider to be my friend. You are the voice of reason and you put a lot of thought into what you write. Congrats, dear friend.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (15points)
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Congratulations on the 50k, J.

My apologies for the other day.

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Wow ! 50K is truly impressive. I’ve only known one other person to have reached that lofty summit, our beloved and much missed @gailcalled.

We’ve had many interesting conversations and I’ve appreciated all of them.

Congrats. Well deserved.

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I read shish kebobs as “squish kebobs” and became very intrigued @JLeslie

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No more docs around here?

What’s Rarebear then, chopped liver?

Granted sometimes he’s busy with RL but we still apreciate him when he’s around. And @lightly seared can also be counted on for good solid medical knowledge (he’s a nurse)

But I alsi do appreciate @JLeslie‘s willingness to pinch hit for them when they’re not around.

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@Buttonstc Oops! I haven’t seen him around! Sorry! :-/ Or wait… maybe I just suck. Someone just gave me good medical advice for one of my questions. checks… Oh, nope, that was @FireMadeFlesh, who is a radiographer. So, yes, there are definitely still medical people, just not quite as many. Haha! :)

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It’s morning. French toast, bacon, fruit, and coffee are all available for those of you who stayed through the night.

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marinelife is also over 50K @Buttonstc.

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@Buttonstc I don’t ever claim to pinch hit for the doctors. My information is just personal experience, personal
opinion, or some sort of knowledge I have picked up about an illness, and never to be taken the same as doctor’s advice. Usually, when I knock heads with the doctors is when my own personal experience contradicts what they are saying. I have less conflict with them than other jellies who just don’t want anyone to say anything about medical problems on the internet.

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I wish somebody would make me breakfast, off and running here, well, not quite running. haha
Just pour some more coffee for me. Happy morning after party!

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I’m pushing to have the party go through the weekend.

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Let’s party till Sunday. Then we can sit around and sing “Cause I’m eeeaassy. I’m easy like Sunday morning.”

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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Holy crap @JLeslie This is most awesome and congrats on the 50K!! The first time I have been able to say this! A fitting honor for one of the hardest working Jellies in the tide pool!

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It is, indeed, an honor to be here. I want bagels, though.

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I’m still here.
I’ve brought ent er tain ment to please almost everyone.
But, if you are the sort who is best entertained by sitting alone in a corner with a cat
Or, perhaps your friends are cats and dogs????

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@Dutchess_III Bagels it is. Order them in.

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I’ll take gluten-free, dairy-free, corn-free, soy-free, egg-free, white sugar-free, shellfish-free, nitrate-free, caffeine-free, peanut-free bagels toasted with almond butter and a drizzle of honey.

Or I’ll just eat this apple.

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That was good, @Here2_4!

Done 50K Woman! Must have strawberry-free strawberry cream cheese to put on the bagels though, because I’m allergic to strawberries and gluten AND I can’t be in the same room with @Cupcake because I’m allergic to nuts.

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@Cupcake I’m ordering in Babycakes pastries for you, and everybody. I think there are some treats they make that meet those restrictions.

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@JLeslie Sweet! I’m pretty sure no one wanted shellfish pastries anyway…

@Dutchess_III I will definitely stick with the apple then… Please don’t stick me in the nuts room!!!

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50K is mind boggling. Congratulations on this momentous event.

Jaxk (17264points)“Great Answer” (13points)
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Did I miss the nekkid pancakes?

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No Jake, we were waiting on you to get the nekked pancakes started!

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I’m on an office computer, or I would search for appropriate pictures of nekkid pancakes to post. Alas, I am hampered in my desire.

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@Here2_4 Works for me!

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50 grand is a feat so grand that the mere claim smacks of mythology. But I actually lived to see it achieved (or a good part of it) Congratulations JLeslie. You’re a living legend!

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And you 2 stop tormenting me with those scrumptious pancake photos. They’re just there to torment us. Did you notice that all of the saucers on which those cakes sit are so tiny that the cakes are rendered immune to molestation. It’s demonic and certainly by design.

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^^ I’ll have what he’s having.

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I’m with @JLeslie lets party all weekend. I just got settled in for 3 days of ranch sitting for the neigh-bors. I might have to tip toe down to the wine cellar later, ( one of the perks of ranch sitting in wine country ) and uncork a bottle by the foireplace later this evening, but not until I am finished horsing around. Gotta be 100% at full attention when you’re surrounded by 44 pairs of hooves. lol

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Late again! Congrats, well done and turn on the cha cha music, dim the lights, clink the champagne glasses, send out the snack tray and lets have us a good time. Bravo!

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Congrats, @JLeslie. Is your new room, like, on the top floor of the Burj Khalifa? Wow, the view!!

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Congrats @JLeslie. 50k is quite the achievement!

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Can Coloma bring her horses to the party?

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@Dutchess_III There’s a lot of them make room.
2 paints, a palomino, 2 mustang yearlings, 2 Halflingers, a quarter horse, and 3 draft mules. Hee Haw! We’ve got a big red wagon so we could hitch up the mule team and go for a hay ride, with wine, from here, just around the corner.

I just made a fire and am having a wine tasting for one and the 4 dogs are staring at me, reminding me dinner time is coming soon. haha

@JLeslie I know you don’t drink, so I will make you a fruit smoothie for the hay ride. Everyone else gets wine. :-D

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@Coloma Thanks :)

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Well…am I the only one left at this party. I’m singing to the dogs now. Here, a little dancing tune. haha

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I’m still around. I’ve been hopping through questions. I am worried about a jelly, and I am waiting for a reply.
Where’s the ice cream?

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Congo rats wonderful contributor! You are one of the best!

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You would do it on my days off, probably too late for pancakes,,,,,,,,,again Congrats! It has been a long time coming.

rojo (24179points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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Sorry I’m late to the party. Congratulations on 50K, @JLeslie.

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CONGRATULATIONS!! If someone had asked, I would have said that you were already at 50K. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the collective. :-)

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Thanks, @latecomers!
@JLeslie wants to party through the weekend.

Since we don’t all sleep in jelly jammies, I’m hoping this isn’t an overnight thing.

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Yes! Better late than never. People can come and go all weekend.

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Let’s go to the Oxford Exchange. I used to walk around there a lot when I was in Tampa. Oh so pretentious but oh so cool. They have those bathroom stalls that are like little tiny personal rooms!

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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@dxs I’ve never been there. I need to try to hit it before I move.

Were you on the Q about bathrooms in restaurants?

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Lately, I find restaurants in NYC have bathroom stalls that are like little rooms, and the sink area may or may not be communal/gender neutral.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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@JLeslie no hahaha I have no idea what you’re talking about. But OE has some very interesting books to read.

dxs (15160points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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I may be in the mansion all day today – light snow now and frigid temperatures on the way tonight.

I suggest we retire to @JLeslie‘s pool for a salad luncheon.

You may use her little room, @jca.

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My cousin’s British husband refers to the bathroom as “the smallest room.” @ibstubro: In the room in your link, if that were my house, it would be “the largest room.” hahaha.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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My combined living/dining room might be as large, @jca, but I doubt it. The ‘functional’ parts of the ‘little room’ aren’t even visible in the picture.

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@jca My MIL and I joke when my husband is in the bathroom we say he is in the biblioteca (library).

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I have my second wind! Michigan State just won against Ohio State! So excited.

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Congrats to one of our favorite teachers .

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WOW way to go, you really contribute to this site.

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WOWSERS! 50K! Way ta Go!

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I think we were about to retire to the 50k mansion theater for a private showing of @JLeslie‘s choice of new release movies.
Place your snack and drink orders early.

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To make myself presentable for the party, I even went and got my hairs cut.

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And I got a pedicure since I would be out by the pool most of the weekend. Can’t wait to find out which movie @JLeslie picks.

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I do want to see a movie. I might have to pick more than one, a double feature. Any suggestions? I don’t know what’s out.

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It’s 3:30 a.m. and I am here now to annoint you all with lurve!

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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Your kindness has been returned :)

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@JLeslie I watched Kill the Messeger featuring Jeremy Renner last night and thought it was a really good film. That I fell asleep at the end, does not reflect bad on the movie. It was late and I was tired is all.

ibstubro's avatar

Geeze. I looked at the new releases for this weekend and the top 10 box office, and none of them really appealed to me.

Brunch in the pub off the pool?

jca's avatar

There’s one I want to see, that I heard is good, called Spotlight about abuses by the Catholic church.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (6points)
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I vote for @JLeslie to pick a movie and we all have to watch it before next Sunday.

ibstubro's avatar

Maybe @JLeslie should just request Adele pop by for a concert? She’s in the States.

Coloma's avatar

Okay….I just busted @Cruiser giving one of the horses beer. For shame!

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Am I too late for the party? That’s ok; I’ll nibble on leftovers. Congratulations to you anyhow !

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I know I’m late to the party but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to congratulate one of my favorite Jellies! I am so happy we are friends!

Cruiser's avatar

@Coloma That was not a beer! It was a grape YooHoo that I let the horse wash down the pancakes I gave it! ;)

Here2_4's avatar

Likely story! More evidence.. It was Bud Light.

JLeslie's avatar

No one is too late. GA’s for everyone!

I glanced through the movies and I guess The Intern if we want a comedy. Spotlight, looked like it might be good. Also, the movie suggested above, Kill The Messenger, sounds decent too. Let’s go with all three, and people can watch what they want. Maybe we should get one of those blow up screens and show them by the pool.

jca's avatar

I saw The Intern and it was great. I think @janbb saw it too, and liked it. I asked a question about it on here, asking if people saw it. To anyone who sees it, you can post your opinion on the question!

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (7points)
JLeslie's avatar

Great! Let’s see The Intern first. Something nice and lighthearted. We’ll keep the other ones for late night.

Coloma's avatar

@JLeslie The Intern was really cute, so was ” A walk in the woods” and I am going to see the new Julia Roberts crime/suspense movie Tues. Here’s the preview, looks good.

@Here2_4 Cute video. I was waiting for that llama to spit in the guys face. haha

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I’m always late, but didn’t want to miss this. Congratulations, @JLeslie!

Stinley's avatar

I go away for the weekend and you guys have a party without me! Congratulations @JLeslie that is some great lurving you got there.

ibstubro's avatar

Yeah, hey, @JLeslie. Could you plan ahead a little and schedule 60,000 for a bitter cold weekend in February where nobody has anything better to do?

Haleth's avatar

This is amazing! How did I miss your party? A really heartfelt congratulations to you, @JLeslie. You contribute so much here and it’s always great to see you.

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YEAH! dogpile on the GA’s

Strauss's avatar

@JLeslie Congo rats and Burritos!

I will fulfill the order for 50K burritos, served up by 50000 Congo Rats!

I won’t start until after Thanksgiving, so the party must go on at least until then…

majorrich's avatar

I believe I may have solved our winter snow problem. Just got home with a new (to me) snow blower. There will be no snow here this winter! And I sincerely hope @JLeslie has safe travels everywhere until at least May!

chyna's avatar

Unfortunately @majorrich she is moving to Ohio. She is heading for snow.

majorrich's avatar

Alas! Sorry about that! I still have probably chased away some of the Central Ohio snow.

JLeslie's avatar

This last snow that was supposed to give us a few inches of snow missed us. I keep telling my husband how lucky he has been so far this winter. He has never lived north of the Mason-Dixon Line, he has no idea what it’s like to deal with a harsh winter.

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@JLeslie Just make sure you get him some serious winter gear so he can navigate the cold and snow that is just part of life here in the midwest. I LOVE the beautiful snow fall that is outside my window and equally cringe and the hard work that is required to clear the driveway and sidewalks. But to be able to go for a walk in the winter wonderland especially under the moonlight is one of the more magical times of the 4 seasons but only if you have the quality outerwear to make it enjoyable. This Columbia Coat is worth every penny.

JLeslie's avatar

@Cruiser We do plan on getting some “ski” wear. Not only for walking outside, but I think we will try out some of the winter sports. He already has a long wool coat, scarves, and gloves from living in the cold previously. I made him buy a long overcoat a several years ago (I literally had to push him to buy it) and within a few days of buying it he told me it did make a big difference. I need to get him some new long underwear, a couple of turtlenecks, and a few heavy sweaters and he’s all set. He already has some winter clothes. TN gets very cold for a couple of months. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 30 degrees out, you still need winter clothing.

As you know, I grew up in the cold and have lived in the Midwest (walking across the tundra we call campus lol) so I’m already lecturing my husband on the realities of how cold it will be. He was really lucky with how delayed the winter has been here. We haven’t had snow yet. It just started getting near freezing during the day.

I’ll show him the coat you recommended.

Cruiser's avatar

@JLeslie Winter wear technology has changed so much since the days of Parka coats when we were kids. I got my son this same coat a week ago and so far all he has worn is the liner and he says he has never been warmer. I also cannot recommend enough the Under Armor type clothing for staying seriously warm when venturing out in the cold for hikes or winter sports.

jca's avatar

@JLeslie: I wonder if he’ll find a long, cold, snowy and icy winter to be depressing. As you know, toward the end of winter, most people are talking about how they’re ready for Spring. Last winter (Feb and March of 2015), was especially trying here in the NE, with snow and ice storms at least once per week, which meant either staying home from work, going in late with the stress that accompanies each decision.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (2points)
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The last several winters despite the cold, I’ve found a down vest under a Barbour coat to be sufficient for coats. I have a whole fleet of different kinds of hand wear for various missions. Thermal underwear and insulated Wellies have served me well for years. Carry my shoes in a bag for when I get where I’m going. I also highly recommend a “get home kit” of things to keep in the car in the event something bad happens on the freeway or you get stuck. A blanket, some water and snacks, a pee bottle, a small first aid kit. Just cheap insurance.

JLeslie's avatar

@jca I know I find it depressing. It’s been very sunny this November, so he has been lucky. TN also got quite grey through the winter, but it lasted a much shorter time.

I think the hardest thing for him will be dirty cars and salt on the road.

@Cruiser I’ll be sure to check those brands out. Thanks.

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Wait. This is the thread? Damn. Congrats, @JLeslie. We’ve been in these waters together a long time.

ibstubro's avatar

Glad you finally found it, @tinyfaery!

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Passing by, congrats

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