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If you found a 100 year old wedding cake in your garage, would you taste it?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) December 6th, 2015
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A tiny nibble, or just a lick.

Isn’t there a chance you would be transported to that time?

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Ewwwww no!

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Whose is it and when did I eat last?

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Yeah, maybe. But it probably wouldn’t taste too good!

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I bet LuckyGuy would. He’s like Mikey in the cereal commercial.

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I might. That’s what younger siblings are for, but I’m grown up now, so I wouldn’t even think of trying to make them do it. Honest. But I might try to get my husband . . . and he’s not even younger.

Of course I’d be sure to save a sample for the coroner.

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The kitchen at the hotel where I was married was sure to keep the top layer of my cake for me. The tradition is to save it until your first anniversary, but I ate it the next day under protest of my MIL. I figured in a year it would have freezer burn.

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Nah I’d preserve it for another 100 years.

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Only on a triple-dog-dare and a sizable amount$ bet to win.

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@Jeruba has this right.

I’d make my little brother do it first.

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<—- Ate a small piece of 50,000 year old ice from an Antarctic ice core sample.
I could not resist!

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Yes, but, could you make 100 yo wedding cake palatable, @LuckyGuy?

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NO WAY! wouldn’t taste ANYTHING I found in my garage.

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@ibstubro Maybe with a little ice?

For about a week I was worried I might have ingested an organism humans had not evolved to master.

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I have to admit, I’d probably chip off an inconsequential piece of icing from the wedding cake, and allow it to dissolve on my tongue.

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Make sure to let us know the address of the closest hospital -
” Hello, yes, may I please be connected to the tongue-rot floor? Room 508. Yes, I’ll hold. Thank you, Operator.”

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Assuming you’re referring to cake that was frozen and now thawed, because if it was just in the basement or even in refrigerator, it would probably have grown major mold in 100 years. If it was frozen and now thawed, I can’t imagine it tasting good after 100 years, so I’d see no reason to eat it.

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