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Can a Bow (Weapon) be strung with a Guitar string?

Asked by Tiercel (11points) December 7th, 2015
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Maybe the 5th (A) or 6th (E) String would work, would it be able to hold the strain and be pliable enough to work, and would it have a tendency to snap (when tension is applied) or cut me (when released)

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Not realistically. Most bowstrings have a tensile strength between 4–8 times the rated draw strength of the bow, so the string on a 60 lb. bow would have a breaking strength of at least 240 lbs. The tension on the 6th (E) string of an acoustic guitar is only around 18 lbs. It can take a bit more tension than that, but not 13 times more.

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You NEVER want to come in contact with the string when released. No matter what string you use it will cause damage to an unprotected arm.
@thorninmud has the right idea. Tensile strength is the determining factor.

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No. a friend of mine tried it about 40 years ago. He was using a the string snapped when he tried to draw it. @thorninmud confirms by figures what observed first-hand.

He actually used a bass guitar .105 inch wound steel string, which had been rescued when a bassist friend had changed strings on his instrument.

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@Yetanotheruser – If your friend still has both eyes, he should be thanking his lucky stars.

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We were quite the adventurers back then…Oh, the stories I could tell. Neither he or I sustained any damage (we had survived many other adventures). He passed about ten years ago of totally unrelated causes.

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Yes if the guitar strings were made of catgut (Cattle intestines). I’d wind about 5 or six catgut strings tightly around each other and wear a full face and arm shields when testing it.

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