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I have to pay for Microsoft Word? Where can I use it free to update my resume?

Asked by Blackberry (33947points) March 2nd, 2016
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I thought in the past with my other laptops I could use the programs free but I can’t on the laptop I have now. I have a copy of my resume but it says I can’t edit it unless I register or sign up or pay for Word.

Any advice?

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Use Google docs, it is compatible with Word plus it is free.

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You can go to the library with your resume on a jump drive.
Get a free copy of Apache Open office.

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Here are some other free text programs I found by Googling.

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LibreOffice is pretty good at dealing with Office files. As long as there isn’t some crazy formatting you should be golden. It is what ships with most popular Linux distros.

There is a Windows installer.

LibreOffice is fork of OpenOffice and is pretty much the standard now for open source Office replacements.

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Whoa…..Thanks a lot guys lol. :D

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Microsoft Word online is free.

Also you can install Word and the other Office apps for free for a month. They ask for a credit card, so don’t forget to cancel the subscription before it’s not free.

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I have licensed version installed on my machine..if you’d like to send it..))

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