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Why doesn't my laptop recognize any USB or other drive I plug in?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) April 12th, 2016
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Got a new laptop. Lenovo Edge 2. It has Windows 10.

I wanted to transfer files from my desktop using a SanDisk USB drive. I plugged it into a port and nothing happened. The USB lights up but I can’t access it anywhere on my laptop. It won’t show up under “Devices and Drivers” under “This PC.”

I later tried connecting my cellphone through a USB port and the same thing – nothing pops up under other drives in “This PC”

These two things work by the way in my desktop. There’s nothing wrong with them. So it’s just for some reason my laptop not recognizing anything I plug in. Is there some setting I have to check off somewhere?

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Don’t know the exact reason. But try going to the Control Panel / Device manager and make sure that the Universal Serial Bus controllers (at the bottom) are listed. That’s the hardware that manages the USB connections.

What you could do is as follows:

1) Scan for changes (i.e. look for new USB devices)

if that doesn’t work, then

2) delete the USB devices listed below in Device Manager, one by one.
3) scan for hardware changes (they will all come back)

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I am retarded. Turns out I was plugging things into the wrong ports. thanks a lot.

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Lol, well, saves me time explaining how to assign a drive letter.

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