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Looking for an old instrumental blues song with minimal information?

Asked by Esedess (3467points) April 12th, 2016
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There are two clean sounding bluesy lead guitars that kinda duel and harmonize back and forth. It’s just instrumental. It’s one of those songs that’s pretty mellow, but with defined lead portion. I believe there was some bass and drums in there keeping rhythm as well.

I originally found the song like 15 years ago on Limewire. It was just titled “Blues Song.” Hence my inability to re-locate it.
Since then, I’ve heard it once, as the on-hold music for a Harley dealership that no longer exists…

I know this isn’t much to go off. But if you know any songs that even slightly match this description I’d appreciate a link.

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Electric guitars…

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That’s like almost every blues song ever since like 1959

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...I know… That’s why I don’t think I’m ever gonna find it again… Worth trying though. I’m sure someone knows what it is.

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I agree. All of them.

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I guess just if anyone knows one that’s somewhat obscure and really good that fits just send it, it might be the one I’m thinking of.

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Well, this is not it but just sit back and chill a bit.

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Well, the fact that it is instrumental without vocals makes it quite different from most blues songs actually. But it’s still not enough to go on.

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Well, the nature of Blues music means that anyone could have re-recorded a cover version of a song with vocals, without the vocals.

Literally everyone has covered Robert Johnson, for instance.

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