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Windows 10 and Photoshop CC are not mixing well with the disk usage?

Asked by Rethroz (38points) May 2nd, 2016
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I have recently installed Photoshop CC on my Windows 10 laptop. I noticed my disk usage soaring in the 90–100% range while using PS and I’ve done some searching on how to maintain that usage low to avoid any crashes or overheating.
Anyone that may have done this before I’m sure is familiar with the process, so tell me, is ‘Superfetch’ a service that is not a necessity for my Windows 10 to run effectively? I was going to disable it but I’m unsure if it may interfere with the performance of my computer.

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I’ve used photoshop with Windows 10 with no problems.
My guess would be you don’t have enough RAM and Photoshop is having to store the active image in virtual memory ie on the hard drive.

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Photoshop tends to use a lot of virtual memory, depending on the size of files you work with.

How much free space do you have on your drive when not using photoshop? How much ram do you have allocated in photoshop>preferences?

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