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Have you ever taken a Hint From Heloise to heart?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) June 30th, 2016
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If so, what was it?

One time a woman wrote in that she kept an empty 12-pack carton next to her sewing machine to put the bits and scraps of trash in.
I have an empty 12-pack carton standing on it’s end next to my desk as I type.
I keep one in my bathroom, as well.

Maybe I should get someone to crochet a cozy for them….?

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Yes! Lots of cleaning tips using baking soda and also using vinegar! That’s where I learned about window washing with vinegar and newspaper.

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hahahaha @zenvelo ! I was just going to talk about her baking soda and vinegar tips.

I’ve expanded the coffee maker one to the dishwasher. Every now and then I run the dishwasher with vinegar in the detergent compartment. It seems to prevent it from getting sludgy – and fixes it if it does get sludgy.

I got really mad when our groceries stopped carrying the tubs of baking soda. I used to always keep a couple of them around.

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Who is that?

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I think I did once, yes, probably sometime around 1966 or 1967. No idea what it was.

@ragingloli, it’s a newspaper column that offers housekeeping tips, dating back to a time when most American women unblushingly called themselves “housewives.”

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I’ve read her hints over the years but honestly can’t say if I have ever applied any.
Wow..I just read that Heloise was born in 1951 so that makes her only 65. For some reason I thought she was probably dead by now as I thought she must be about 107 by now. haha

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You know, @zenvelo, I’ve heard that and heard that about using newspaper to wipe windows, and I’ve never tried it. I’m getting finicky about my hands/fingers in my old age and I can hardly stand to read a newspaper, much less get it damp and rub with it.

That doesn’t seem like a lot of vinegar for a dishwasher, @BellaB. Maybe if I filled a bowl with it and set it inside the dishwasher, then ran it?

Well, it’s certainly probably appeared 50 times since then, @Jeruba. I think a lot of the hints run on a 1 year cycle. :-)

Isn’t this Heloise Jr., @Coloma? Nevermind, I looked it up:
Heloise (the daughter) took over the column in 1977 when mother Heloise died of heart disease. She worked with her mother for several years and contributed to the column as Heloise II.(columnist)_

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@ibstubro Aaaah…I see!

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I always hated the idea of wrapping your dishes and glasses, etc. in newspaper when you move. Ick! The newsprint smudges on everything and you end having to wash all your glass ware. I pack my dishes in my clean kitchen and bath towels and sheets and blankets. Colomas helpful hint. haha

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> using newspaper to wipe windows

One more thing you can’t do with the online edition.

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You’re way behind me, @Coloma!
To hell with wrapping dishes! Pack and stack in strawberry flats. Dainty glassware? Put your towel in the bottom.

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@ibstubro , you could try it with a bowl of vinegar but I have only done it with vinegar in the detergent compartment. Maybe do both at the same time? I think part of the benefit comes from the vinegar running through the sprayer arms which wouldn’t happen with the bowl approach.

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I see, @BellaB.
My detergent compartment is about the size of 4 saltines. Probably crushed.
The dishwasher surely has to cycle the water from the reservoir through the arms more than once? Mine runs for, like, hours.

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