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Have you ever made granola bars and if so, what did you put in them?

Asked by jca (36059points) July 8th, 2016
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Have you made granola bars? If so, what did you put in them?

I found an incredibly easy recipe with 5 ingredients (almond or peanut butter, honey or agave nectar, dates, almonds and chopped cherries). No bake, just chill. It was good but I am looking for more ideas.

What do you put in your granola bars?

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Oooh, that sounds good. I’ve never done it before but now I’m tempted.

I have a jar of Nutella that’s not otherwise occupied at the moment. Hahaha

Just off the top of my head: dried mango and/or papaya, with macadamia nuts? Cashews and M&Ms? Butterscotch drops and walnuts?

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One time many years ago. I remember it had oats and honey, and I don’t remember what else. I never made any again.

I like the granola crumble like stuff. I eat in milk like cereal. I’ve never made it.

What about dried cranberries in it? I love those.

Another idea, completely separate, maybe a cinnamon sugar thing in the recipe? I guess you’re not supposed to use sugar?

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Incomplete and In no particular order:

Freshly rolled oats, toasted coconut, sunflower butter, honey, figs, sesame seeds, tahini, chocolate, cocoa, marsh mellows, toasted buckwheat, maple syrup, craisins, currants, coconut oil, sunflower seeds, wasabi powder, nutmeg, vanilla, brown sugar, brown rice syrup

Go wild! Any and all of these can be swapped into any chilled bar recipe. Just find the right consistency!

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