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My first start-up Any suggestions?

Asked by therealflocksy (25points) July 10th, 2016
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This is my first start-up. It’s unlimited graphic design and website assistance service starting at $199.00 a month. I used a SaaS business model.

Do you think this is something start-ups and ideally sized companies might find useful?

Does the price seem reasonable?

I couldn’t included a screenshot of the pricing page, but I included a link in the comments to screenshot on Imgur.


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You can upload a screenshot to an image hosting site like imgur or photobucket, and then include the link to that site here. Alternatively, if the pricing is really important, you can type it out, or copy-paste, it into a new comment… though, I imagine that if you know of other graphic and website design services, you might just be able to compare your pricing to theirs on your own—of course, I don’t know much about this sort of thing.

I do know that most everyone on this site avoids clicking unfamiliar links, so you won’t get much feedback (or many site visits).

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Thanks Soubresaut,
I took your advice and took screenshot of the pricing page and uploaded it to Imgur. It can be seen here know instead of having to click on the link:

Thanks again!

- Andrew

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A few suggestions for the home page.

*Remove the “100% money back guarantee”
*Change the middle paragraph to just “Your own personal team of graphic designers and website maintainers.”

Read the material on It’s a really good website that talks about what your home page, landing pages, etc should look like and what kind of information you should have on these pages to get customers to bite.

As for your service, I really like the idea, dude. I can’t say weather the pricing is fair because I don’t know what the quality of the work would be like. But on face value, $200 a month for website based help sounds like a steal. Keep working on it.

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