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Where do all the "Os" go?

Asked by janbb (62796points) September 5th, 2016
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Someone wrote in an article that they wondered what people were doing with all their extra time now that they were texting “K” instead of “Ok.” So I’m wondering: What about all those unused “Os”? What are they doing? Where do they go? Are they unhappy or sad? (Humor my so called whimsy.)

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They go to places you will never imagine!

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They are getting used up in all those plaintive “noooooooooooo“s that people type.

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Sooooo that’s where they gooooo!

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They go to the “O-Zone.” That’s also where your lost socks that never came out of the dryer go (or is that the “Hose Zone?”

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@jca Brilliant!

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They run off to Turkish language. Or Spanish, take your pick.

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People have just become lazy I guess. Using abbreviations at all places. Nice question though. Can you share link for the article if it’s online? Someone better find out who let the O’s out..)

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@imrainmaker: I think it’s less about “lazy” and more about being a holdover from when texting and posting stuff had a limited character count.

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They are all in Italy awaiting use in arias. “O sole mio!”

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They are shipped to the General Mills plant in Buffalo NY where they are rinsed, baked, stuffed in a yellow box, and sold as Cheerios.

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@LuckyGuy “It is a far, far better thing we do…”

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They’ve gone to fill in all the print copies of Edgar Allen Poe’s humorous short story ‘X-ing a Paragrab.’

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has anybody read the great Thurber book called “The Wonderful O” about a pirate who steals all the Os? It’s full of puns and other humor.

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They’ve come here for a belly dance perhaps?

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@janbb, I read it in junior high school English class. I remember poor mortified Ophelia Oliver.

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@Jeruba And – ”“Ah woe,” she cried, “is we.””

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They reside in the realm of petticoats, sonnets and handwritten love letters.

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