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Does the local widlife in your area seem extraordinarily hungry this year?

Asked by kritiper (22504points) September 9th, 2016
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The squirrels usually eat my plums just as they ripen but this year they ate them all before they got ripe. I’ve never seen evidence of squirrels eating the neighbor’s tomatoes either, until now. Magpies (and other birds) are looking for any and all types of bugs to eat. After a brief rainstorm this year, I saw a bunch of ducks walking down a sidewalk gobbling up all of the worms that were trying to avoid excess water. Have not witnessed anything like this before that I am aware of.

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“The squirrels usually eat my plums” OUCH!!

Spiders, walked into so many webs lately, they’re everywhere & wasps, seen lots of them…bastards

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The turkeys in the area are really bold this year. They don’t seem to be afraid of people as much as previous years. I can walk outside 40–50 yards away and they will watch me rather than scooting off.

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There is a lane that runs along the neighborhood. It’s wooded on one side and a small farm/large garden on the other. Squashed small animals on the road is fairly common in spring through fall autumn seasons. This is the first time in twenty years that I’ve seen turkey vultures dining away on the carnage.

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@ucme Not THOSE plums! (GA’s to all who answer!)

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The squirrels have been stealing my sunflowers. I’ve never seen a squirrel run with a sunflower in its mouth until this year. What a sight!

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Not here. All is normal as far as I can tell.

Sounds like you guys are in for an unusually long, cold winter. If your birds start showing up here early, I’ll bet on it.

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I have WAY less large spiders in my area. Like down by 80%.from last year. The ‘daddy long legs’ are still in large numbers. Other insects seem up to par. More crickets than ever. Less slugs, by 50 % or more.

I recently noted mosquitoes seem more aggressive recently, and started a thread on it.

Most mammals, and reptiles seem to be acting normal. The fish are assholes though. They’re not liking my bait as much this summer. But the sea life seems normal. Dolphins everywhere, crabs, fish, shellfish all seem to following normal behavior. I haven’t been in freshwater as much this year. So I won’t report on that.

Birds seem about right, even though my neighbor gas like 30 cats…

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