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Do you think "Heaven On Earth" is possible... and what does it look/feel like to you?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) September 21st, 2016
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What does “Heaven On Earth” look like for you ?

What would your ideal be ? Ideal life, what “heaven” would look / be / feel like to you? I’m not necessarily asking in a religious sense (since I know there are a lot of atheists on here), but I just wanted to know what everyone’s idea of bliss and perfection is? Your “perfect” life so to speak? (Yes I know that “perfection” doesn’t exist or is impossible).... Just ideally asking.

And if “Heaven on earth” or bliss isn’t achievable, do you think life can come close to it ? Or your / someone’s life can come close to it? I guess this is sort of a philosophical/personal question that I’m asking.

I’m young but I feel the older I get the more I’m creating my life to be the vision of what I feel is “heaven on earth” for me….

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Hmm, a place where you lose your free will, and are brainwashed to a point that you would actually enjoy worshipping a tyrannical overlord and cheer as those who dared defy him writhe in agony, for all eternity?
Sounds like an eternal Nazi Germany and Holocaust.

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Near the river.

I love water and peace. River provides both.

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Yes, because “Heaven” and “Hell” are psychological states of mind, not geographic netherworld destinations. I have experienced both heaven and hell and am somewhere in the middle right now. lol
“Heaven” is having all of your needs met, being content, not wanting for anything, not because you can’t afford it, because you are free from want. It is being joyful just to be alive, in tune with nature, in tune with yourself, free of neurotic leanings, free of fear, anxiety, anger, jealously, envy, all destructive emotional states.

Hell is the same rope, just a different end when fear, want, anxiety, jealousy, anger, envy and the other destructive emotional states take over your being-ness.

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@ragingloli What are you talking about? How did Nazi Germany even come up in this? My question was what does your ideal life look like…. and you wrote about worshiping a tyrannical overlord?

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@Coloma Love your answer, and totally agree with you about them being psychological states of mind.

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@Sneki95 Same, very peaceful. Love being by the water / beaches / anything tropical.

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It looks & feels like Belinda Carlisle in the eighties, to me at least

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For me, “heaven on earth” is that almost unbearable, indescribably delicious wave of joy I feel at the most unexpected time, as when hearing a lovely piece of music, watching a favorite movie, seeing an old friend, anticipating a special event, being told I’m loved and totally believing it, napping on a rainy day, conjuring up a happy memory of childhood… and I could list a thousand other such
moments we’ve all experienced.

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I think of Heaven as a dynamic process of having new experiences and facing new challenges. Things that come too easily are not much appreciated. Nobody would play video games if they were easy to master. Love is not a state of being but a process. It takes effort to know and appreciate someone. Imagine a world where robots did all the work. Would we be content to spend the day lying on the beach or walking in the woods?

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