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What are some ways I can make my credit score higher/better?

Asked by FlutherBug (1103points) September 26th, 2016
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Hi everyone, good morning. I just saw my credit score was 670! Ugh! I have only 1 credit card right now that I am using, and I am paying off… I was wondering what are some different ways to make my credit higher and better?

Obviously paying off my credit card every month… But even if I do that, how long will it take for my credit to become fixed? Are there any others ways? Besides just paying it off on time?

Will it take a long time to get a better credit score? Or are there any quick ways (possibly) ?

Thank you everyone

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This detailed article should help with your query resolution

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I was going to make a few suggestions, but I note that these suggestions are listed in the website provided by @imrainmaker.

As that article states, “One major factor in your credit score is how much revolving credit you have versus how much you’re actually using.” So it is possible to improve your credit score by being granted additional credit… Possibly in the form of a higher limit on the card you already have or by getting additional credit in the form of a new card (I would suggest a secured credit card).

Another option that might help your credit in a somewhat quick fashion would be to get added as an authorized user on the credit card accounts of someone else who has good payment history, habits, and credit. Be warned with this option, though, their behavior then reflects on your credit report. If they make late payments, it will negatively impact you… If they are always on time, this should positively impact you.

Best of luck! :)

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@JoyousLove @imrainmaker Thank you guys! :) I will check those links out! :)

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You’re welcome..)

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And if it makes any difference the credit card I have now is Capital One… Which I just read in a different thread is a pretty bad credit card company lol….. I think I might close it and go with American Express or something…... but I mean….... Do I even need a credit card ? Or it’s only to have a credit score ?

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@JoyousLove I’ve heard that untapped credit can either boost or harm a person’s credit. On the one hand, having a very low debt-to-credit ratio might be good. On the other hand, all those credit limits could be borrowed at any time, thus making the person a potentially bad risk. Does anyone have any information to share?

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Don’t use revolving credit extensively but do use it infrequently. I did this on a card to get all the reward points. I paid it off every month but it lowered my credit a bit. To star rebuilding: Take out a small loan on something you need and pay it off. Pay your bills on time. Keep regular, steady employment if you can. Be patient. You’ll be in the 800 range before you know it.

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@FlutherBug DON’T close out the Capital One card, that will impact you negatively. Just don’t use it. American Express would be good. (They offer an on-line credit score monthly, without impacting your score.)

Time to change a hundred points in your credit score could take more than 18 months.

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Pay it off completely each month.
I had O credit
5 months ago. ZERO
started with $300 credit card. Capital One.
paid it completely and as soon as i got the bill
each month.
i checked Credit Karma (Free)
a couple of weeks ago
one co. listed me at 691 Fair
the other listed me at 740 Good.
they increased my credit to $800
and i charged it up and paid it.
So the next time i check
they will both be in a higher “Good”

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