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Is Hurricane Matthew messing with the weather in your state?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46256points) October 6th, 2016
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Actually, it’s not the hurricane. Kansas is in the same pressure thingy that created Matthew. We’ve had two tornadoes so far near town today, and I don’t think we’re done. I’m sick of the cellar so I’m going to take a shower and get a pizza and get ready to ride the next one out in front of the TV.

Is your state experiencing severe weather?

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Nothing of note. Nice weather this week with a warming trend expected for the weekend with the high Sunday of about 78 degrees. Nice, cool fall here in southern Idaho.

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not one bit.

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It might snow soon in Alberta. Heavy snow in Saskatchewan.

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It is a beautiful warm day here in San Francisco, going to an outdoor concert tonight. We get our weather from the Pacific, so Atlantic storms mean little in my day to day life.

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So far, minimally. I’m in FL. 8:45pm EDT.

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In a way, the weather in your area is messing with Matthew. The dip in the jetstream above you will hopefully continue to slowly crawl eastward and keep Matthew from going inland as he goes north.

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Nope. It’s the Pacific ocean zone here and I’m in the Sierra Nevada foothills about 50 miles from Lake Tahoe. Sunny and warm days and brisk nights, nothing happening here at all.

@zenvelo Have fun tonight!

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Sorry. To answer your question, Bad Matt has been here and gone. As a matter of fact, he was born in these waters. In the process, it rained for two weeks straight, some of it was horizontal. Now we have beautiful blue skies, low humidity, temps in the mid to lower 80s, gently rolling seas, and a perfect wind to fill a sail.

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Always such beautiful weather before and after the hurricanes. Those crazy storms suck up all the bad weather around them.

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I was just shocked to read that Haiti has like 2050–80, something like that, fatalities. So sad. :-(

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^^I thought it was 200 and something? I told my husband as Matthew was barreling down in Haiti that it’s like when a tornado rips through a mobile home park. Death and destruction. Not hard to predict. Very sad.

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I can’t confirm the Haitian death toll beyond 150 as of six hours ago. But they are still digging themselves out of the rubble and flood. Since the 2010 Earthquake followed closely by Hurricane Jeane, hundreds of thousands more of their city people have been reduced to living in shanty towns, consisting of row upon row of tightly packed lean-tos separated by open sewers. How people can survive 140 mph winds living in structures like that is beyond me. So, 2000+ doesn’t seem unbelievable to me.

And next week, as always after a flood, the cholera will come and it always takes thousands of lives before it ends.

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^ Oops, typo…250–280..not 2,050. Sorry folks.

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Not that I am aware of. Although, we did get rain today and that is unusual.

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Rain for hours now. Winds are around 25 currently, with some stronger gusts here and there.

A friend of mine who lives on an island evacuated and she’s waiting to return home. Everyone else I know as far as I know is doing ok. Some don’t have power, some have some tree limbs down.

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My Dad’s wife’s location won’t get hit until about 8 pm. tonight.

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Nope. As usual, California is blissfully unaware of the severe weather that affects the rest of the country. Sunny, dry, and in the 80s here.

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^^^ California is boring. ~

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8 degrees, slightly cloudy.

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