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Is DOS still at the core of Windows 10?

Asked by 2davidc8 (10189points) November 23rd, 2016
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If so, can you still get to the DOS Command Prompt and execute utilities from the “command line” such as ipconfig?

(I’m asking this because I don’t Win 10 yet; I’m still on Win 7.)

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Ever since XP, Windows is based on NT, not DOS.
But it still has a command line interface.
Just type “cmd” when you bring up the start menu.

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Does “cmd” still work in Win 10?

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Yes it does

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Yes, as others have said.

However, it’s not your grandfather’s DOS. The old DOS has been rewritten a couple of times since the 1980s and, although the commands are pretty much the same, the functionality has been updated massively.

And just earlier this week, Microsoft announced a huge departure from the old CMD environment – in the next version of W10, they will be replacing CMD with Powershell as the command line interface. link

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Windows 10 is great for command line computing. As well as “DOS” and PowerShell, they have added the Linux bash shell.

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Now thats cool but I’m skeptical I’ll be able to remove cygwin anytime soon

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I’ve been a Mac guy for decades, but I found this to be an interesting question with interesting comments. I learned DOS when I bought my first PC back in the dark ages—had to, no graphic interface then—and I think I could still use it if I had to. Thanks for the memories.

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