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Any Sodahead Refugees Here?

Asked by Nostromo (276points) January 3rd, 2017
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Just wondering. I’m new here and looking for old friends. :-)

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Oops. Wrong thread. Self edit.

Welcome to Fluther, Nostromo.

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Why did you edit your response @Espiritus_Corvus? I think it perfectly thoughtful and fitting :(

A quick search on Google told me that Sodahead is a site where you post a poll and let people debate over the poll, kind of like I haven’t been to Sodahead but from what @Espiritus_Corvus said, it sounds like Yahoo!Answer, which I’m a refugee of. Sorry if you have had a bad experience with the site.

I don’t think many people here know Sodahead, but welcome to Fluther anyway.

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^^My God, gurl. You are dangerously observant.

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God, I hope not.

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Welcome @Nostromo

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Please do not remind me of that nazi cesspool.

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This dude HungryGuy was from there, but he is no longer active here. :/ Got him in my PlayStation friends list too but I never see him play anything. Hope he’s okay. :/
Welcome to Fluther.

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Indeed, I was at Sodahead from 2008 to its fall. I used the name Bella Cullen-Pattinson until I got over Twilight in 2012, then I was Rebel up until the end.
It’s actually still around but is a business app of some kind now.

Welcome to Fluther.

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I visited Sodahead for a while, years and years ago. Circa 2006–2009, I think, as I recall all the “polls” about whether Obama was the anti-Christ, or what secret nationality he was, or part of what plot to destroy America he was. It was interesting to see that there was a community full of opinions that I strongly disagreed with, and what kind of thinking and language they were using. Not everyone there was like that.

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Hi @Nostromo. I’ve never been to Sodahead, but there’s probably a few people from Fluther that have been over there. Welcome to Fluther. Stick around awhile and see how you like it. : )

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