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Will anyone share my hope that Trump be impeached the same day he's inaugurated?

Asked by Pachy (18605points) January 12th, 2017
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Otherwise, how will we survive this [insert your own adjective] man’s presidency?

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His supporters are correct. He is indeed entitled to a chance to demonstrate his suitability. That’s the reality of the election. The fact that none of us can see any plausible way in hell for him to pull it off is irrelevant. I also saw no way in hell for the ogre to be elected. I pray to be proven wrong again, but things appear truly grim!

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Share it! I live that dream. If that doesn’t happen, then I will wish for an Alien invasion.

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If Trump is impeached, Pence becomes president. I don’t know if that would be much of an improvement. What I would like to see is for Trump show his ineptitude and become a total embarrassment to party and country. Then it would be okay to impeach him. That way Pence would have the previous chaos hanging over him to possibly keep him in check.

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Q: What do we get when we combine a long political tradition of ant-intellectualism and a tendency to misconstrue every form of opposition to our conceit as an unprovoked attack on truth, beauty and decency itself?

A: Exactly what we deserve, minus the right to be shocked by the shitstorm unleashed.

—Mr. Fish

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It is worse than that. Truth, beauty and decency have reversed their meanings. It is like Orwell’s doublespeak in 1984. Here is another interpretation of Trump’s doublespeak.

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The problem isn’t just Trump it is the 63 million people who voted for him. They are only 46% of the voters and about 28% of those eligible to vote nevertheless they voted for a drastic change in style of government and they have got it, or we have got it, in spades.

It would not surprise me if Trump was impeached, the allegations against him are not implausible given what we know of the man. What is disturbing is how he came to be elected in the first place.

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To be impeached, he would have to outrage the Republicans in the House. They have shown an aversion to being outraged by Trump, and happen to agree with him on many things, so don’t expect an impeachment hearing any time soon.

If he gets us in a shooting war, the House will say,“in these perilous times, we need to be supportive,” The House Republicans are like battered wives defending an abusive husband.

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He won’t be impeached; that would require action by a Republican legislature. But, a criminal charge and conviction would be an entirely different matter.

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If we want progressive change, then we need to focus on 2018. Progressives need to to take back the US Congress and several governorships and state legislatures. The current GOP majority in the House is due in part to voter suppression and gerrymandering. The districts will be redrawn in 2020. Democrats need to get to work NOW if they want to be in control of redistricting and undo voter suppression laws. Obsessing about Trump is not enough.

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^^An excellent title for a book: The Gaslighting of America.

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It’s difficult for me to accept the idea that Trump might persist 4 years without forcing his own impeachment. There will be just too many opportunities to lie under oath or criminally usurp his legal authority. His mouth alone is a huge threat to the vital interests of the country, and his inability to control what escapes that mouth will undo him. The only speculation is around the levels of mischief and chaos ensuing prior to Trumpty Dumpty’s eviction from the wall.

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This House isn’t going to go impeach Trump unless something huge appears, like video of him on his knees making a blood oath of allegiance to his master Satan.

If that happens, we get President Pence, and pretty much the same disastrous domestic agenda.

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Consider this, or don’t, it really doesn’t matter.
Somewhere in your country, right now, lurks a would be assassin, plotting his/her strategy & fuelled with hatred, is compelled into shooty bang bang action.
Probably be someone on Fluther, right demographic, aghast at the future of their country, ticks all the boxes.

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Impeachment won’t happen. If he dies, Pence would make a fine POTUS of whom we could all be proud. Or at least I certainly would be proud.

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And who exactly would impeach him? His republican goose steppers? Not going to happen.

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I have a dream…sounds like you do too. haha

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I’m thinking that a barrage of highly flammable silly string strategically launched over the presidential pompadour and the quick toss of a match would be quite fitting as well.

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As much as I’d love to hear the American public yell, in all irony, YOU’RE FIRED!, to this man, the fact is, it is almost impossible to fire a president in the United States. You have a better chance winning the PowerBall.

Impeachment, yes. Bringing a president up on criminal charges or acusations of moral turpitude, known as the articles of impeachment, only requires a simple majority vote by the House. A conviction resulting in summary dismissal, however, is purposely made impracticable by the constitution. A conviction requires a two-thirds majority vote by the Senate.

We once had a war and a president that was believed by everyone on the Hill to be a traitor with the enemy. Andrew Johnson, besides being a roaring alcoholic, was the only Southern senator to remain serving his state of Kentucky in Washington, D.C. throughout the Cilvil War.

Although his state suffered greatly from battles with Union Troops against home-grown Confederates, it never declared for the South. Despite this absence of official declaration, Johnson was subject to derision and distrust by everyone, from congressmen and their wives down to hotel porters. It was true that he felt he could help his state better from Washington that he could from Richmond, but any appeal for leniency and understanding fell on deaf ears and was interpreted as treachery to the Northern Cause—even from his fellow Democrats.

By 1864, it had become obvious that it was only a matter of time before the South would surrender and only the terms of capitulation were holding things up. Lincoln was up for re-electon that year and to send the South a strong message that the terms would not be punitive, he chose Andrew Johnson as his running mate, to the consternation of Congress. 42 days after Lincoln took office for the second time and only six days after the end of the war, he was assassinated by a southern sympathizer. And we ended up with a southern sympathizer as president.

Wheels were immediately put in motion to impeach. Congress dug the bottom of the barrel for any provable charge that would meet the constitutional criteria for “High Crimes and Misdeanors”. This was finally accomplished on March 2nd, 1868, when the House agreed on the charges that Johnson had violated the Tenure of Office Act passed by Congress the previous year over Johnson’s veto.

He was accused of illegally removing Edwin Stanton, the Secretary of War (whom the Tenure of Office Act was largely designed to protect), from office and attempted to replace him with Brevet Major General Lorenzo Thomas The House vote was 126 in favor of impeachment, 47 against on three counts of violating the TOA. The articles were then sent to the Senate for trial.

36 senatorial votes would be required to vote Johnson out of office. The trial began on March 23 and ended on May 26th, 1868 The trial ended in one vote shy for conviction on all three counts. Johnson was acquitted and served out his presidential term. Party loyalty is attributed to the acquittal.

In a two party system, even a percieved traitor will escape dismissal of his presidency in the US due to blind party loyalty.

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Just wishin’, @ragingloli. Just wishin’. If Trump and his lemmings can exist in an alternate universe, why can’t I take a few minutes to visit there, myself?

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Not cool, @ucme. Social media has completed eliminated the important space between personal thoughts and keyboard fingers.

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@Call_Me_Jay I think Pence is controllable, though, like Bush Jr (who was an idiot) was.

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@Pachy *completely

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Yes, @ucme, you caught my mistake. Wish you had caught YOURS and not soured the thread with an unacceptable comment.

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My question, of course, was partly tongue-in-cheek, for in my wildest imagination I can’t conceive of Trump being impeached on the same day he’s sworn in for all the serious reasons many on this thread expressed.

Nonetheless, the horror and helplessness I feel over the election to America’s highest office of this thin-skinned megalomaniac forces me into endless wishful thinking.

Many thanks to everyone (except @ucme) for your comments, serious and humorous alike.

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I don’t care either way, but since Jezebel Hillary is out, it can’t get worse.

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Can’t have a woman in the Presidential Office. That wouldn’t be Godly. ~~~

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Of course, what everybody who has answered thus far seems to be overlooking, is that in order to be impeached, Trump would have to DO something that would get him impeached.

You can’t get someone impeached merely because you don’t know what he will do, or don’t know much about him. Or believe the constant onslaught of fake news.

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@Yellowdog There is a strong body of opinion that failure to divest and put finances in a blind trust constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.

There is also a strong body of opinion that soliciting campaign contributions from foreign dignitaries constitute high crimes and misdemeanors.

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Well, there is his potential willing collusion with Putin and the Russian hacking attacks.

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Again, collusion with Putin and Russian hacking attacks must be happening.

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“An impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives considers to be at a given moment in history”- Jerry Ford

There isn’t going to be an impeachment based on anything we know today.

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Well, there is tons of evidence that he has taken part in sexcapades with underage women at parties held on a private island in the Virgins owned by convicted pedophile, and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The wait staff in the home are afraid to talk to authorities, but talk about it freely with other people on the island.

The procurers of these young girls won’t talk to authorities for business purposes and fear of retaliaton. One of them is a very well known procurer and organizer of these kinds of parties going back to her Warhol days, is Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of Robert Maxwell, deceased owner of a once significant media empire, the Mirror Group, now in bankrupcy after his death. You see her around these islands every once in awhile at parties and yacht clubs. She is a very pretty woman and is quite popular and still quite well off. There are many like her and they are paid extremely well for their discretion.

These things are quite common down here. Hotels and resorts specializing in hetero, gay, pedo and fetishes of every kind—anything you want—have been popping up since the Hedonism Hotel in Jamaica broke the ice back in the 80’s or so. It’s kind of like Club Med for adults. And trust me: what goes on at Hedo nowadays is sunday school compared to some of the private clubs.

So, it is not uncommon to hear about a billionaire, or an important politician, or a member of one of the royal families attending a private party where the same things go on that go on at some of the specialty hotels. These people require domestic and wait staff, and the staff live among regular people when not working. They go to bars and nightclubs, and they talk about their day at work just like everybody else. Nobody credible will talk on record because these wealthy and powerful people spend a huge amount of money down here—and nobody really knows how far some of them may go to ensure their discretion.

Hell, my first mate has had some experience with these people. She has some great stories. And I believe her. I met her recently in a fetish hotel while contracting myself and my boat out as the in-house skipper. My reference was the regular skipper, a man trusted for his discretion by the owner of the hotel. She doesn’t have to make this shit up. It’s all over the place.

So, it is entirely believable that Trump has taken part in such things. He has spent a lot of time in these islands. He certainly has the personality of a wealthy client requiring discretion, with his pussy-grabbing and lack of respect for the unwashed masses. I personally think that in his world, these people are protected and to get anyone to go on record is nearly impossible and easlily discredited. What the fuck does a maid or a bartender know? Who is going to take the word of a sex worker?

Anyway, back in the States, moral turpitude is an impeachable offense in a President. But even if he were to be impeached for pedophilia or whatever, he still would never be convicted by the Senate. Party loyalty. It is impossible to convict a sitting U;S. president in a two party system.

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If there was enough public outrage, the Senate would remove the president.

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^^I will refer you to my first post here. The outrage that a southern sympathiser had become president within a week of the end of the Civil War created a public outrage never since seen in the U.S. Even that, the perception that we had a traitor as a president while terms for peace were being conducted, didn’t get him removed.

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YES. he will kill us all with his stupid wall

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