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[Fluff time] If you could will to life any super hero or villain who would that be and why?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) February 5th, 2017
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If you suddenly figured you could will into this life, any superhero or villain, who would that be and why would you chose to bring them to this life? What do you hope the outcome of him/her being here would do?

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Majin Buu. He would destroy everything.

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Do they come with their associated super villains? Because if it means summoning super villains, I’m against it.

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Mr. Fantastic. So I could marry Sue Richards. Also so I could play with all the science toys, and be super smart.

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^^ Do they come with their associated super villains?
Well…, you get either the villain or the superhero.

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Then perhaps Captain Planet (we already have his enemies) or perhaps even better, Animal Man, who targets corporate corruption..

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Captain Planet is a good choice.

I might go with Professor Xavier, mostly because he’s pretty innocuous.

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^^But he was a fun character for Patrick Stewart!

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Absolutely. And I love the Professor, and X Men in general.

But if we’re plopping a superhero into a world not made for them, Prof X would cause little trouble, and may do the world a lot of good.

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Sorry I thought the question was to become and not create. I would still make Mr. Fantastic. He would really help the world out.

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Black Canary. Sex.

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