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What was the free-to-play dungeon explorer game that came with the older Windows versions called?

Asked by Pinkcottonfluffs (36points) March 13th, 2017
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I remember as a kid playing free games that used to come with computers. One of them was a 3D medieval dungeon explorer game that also had quests and fishing. It came with a short free trial and you had to purchase the rest of it if you wanted to continue playing. It had a short title. Does anyone remember this game and, if so, know the title of it?

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Most video cards used to come with game demos, and some computer manufacturers (Gateway, HP, etc) used to make deals with game publishers, but I don’t remember anything like this coming with Windows itself.

Do you remember about what year it was?

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Yeah, about the only thing that ever came with Windows itself was Solitaire. Anything was likely a manufacturer’s bundle.

As for the game in question – not much to go on, but I’m going to take a stab at Ultima Online maybe?

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It would help to know how old you are or at least how long ago you were a “kid”.

I remember playing Wolfenstein 3D, which was a dungeon escape scenario, but it was WWII era “first person shooter” type strategy game (the term hadn’t really been invented yet), not a Medieval RPG. It was released in 1992.

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Is it a game where you can create magical items. IT might be a mud game like the creators shadow. I don’t know the title. It was free in 1999. It’s the only game that had fishing.

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It was somewhere 2005–2010 on what i think was either a dell or HP. It wasn’t an online game either as far as i know. It had a one-word name i think.

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Yes i think you could create magical items in it? It didnt have very great graphics so it could have come out in the late nineties

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After more digging it was called Fate! thank you guys for helping me figure out it was with a manufacturer bundle!

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I feel old

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