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Do you consider yourself a fashionable person?

Asked by imrainmaker (8380points) December 14th, 2017
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Did it come naturally to you or it is because of upbringing / surroundings?

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Yes, and yes, and a mix of all those three…

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Good lord, no. I would actively avoid that label.

I’m authentically me. The fads and fashions of the day are temporal. I avoid them.

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Far from it.

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I wear the same sweatpants and sweatshirt to school everyday

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Nope! I am solidly in the GoodWill fashion camp. I’ve remained almost the same size for decades and see no reason to throw out clothes that fit and are in good shape.

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No. I’m just happy to find something that somewhat fits me.

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We must define fashionable. I think I look fucking great. Clean Bennies and a fresh white tee. If it is cold a hoodie and if it is colder my jacket.

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I consider myself fashionable in the sense that I wear proper sized clothing, colors that compliment my fair skin and clothes that aren’t overly trendy, but always look fashionable no matter when

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Yes, I consider myself to be fashionable, because I distinguish fashion and style from fads. I don’t buy and wear this moment’s trendy items, which will look dated after a few months. Instead, I have well-fitting, flattering things that endure.

I take the same approach to decorating my home.

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Hahahaha hahahaha…nope…hahahahahahahaha.

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Nope. My style hasn’t really changed much in 40 years. I am presentable, but not fashionable.

Whoever came up with matching brown shoes with a blue suit should be shot.

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Jeans, tshirts and sneakers everyday. If it’s cold I wear a hoodie. If it rains I wear boots. Do you consider that fashionable?

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^^You can be fashionable in that too..)

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Fashionably late.

So it would seem…

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I’m not fashionable.

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Skip fashion – I’ll go with knowing my own style.

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No, and I never have been, even as a young person. I care about fashion and style only to the extent that they dictate what I can and can’t find when shopping becomes unavoidable.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t care what I wear and don’t want to look nice. I do. I just don’t care what “everybody” is wearing and what appears in the popular magazines.

The cold-shoulder fad can’t pass quickly enough for me. Not only have I no desire to wear it, I don’t even like to look at it. However, it (and everything else) is a lot better than sack dresses.

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free T-shirt chic

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lol..Sack dresses..)

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I really like 90s fashions and want to know more about them. ~

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^^^ You’re so naughty! That’s why we love you.

Let’s get together and go clothes shopping in Hyderabad.

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@Jeruba The hat sucks too.

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[Mod says] Moved to Social with OP’s permission.

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@janbb – lol..please contact rumy who should be able to help you..)~

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Not particularly, but I do make an effort to wear what other millennials wear. ;)

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^really ? And how’s that?

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I can be but I don’t really act on it. My mom was super fashionable.

But, speaking of, I’m going in for hair work in an hour. I need a cut, bad. Also, some reverse streaking!

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My son told me yesterday that I “look poor.” I think he was explaining why I’m less likely to be robbed or something. So it sounds like I’m not in any danger of being taken for fashionable.

I was a semi-hippie when my generation was being hip, so I might have accidentally been fashionable then; but to me it was always more a matter of comfort than dictated style, and long hair, shifts, sandals, and jeans were worlds more comfortable than shirtwaist dresses, ironed white blouses, straight skirts, and hair rollers were ever going to be. Again, fashion decreed what was available, and suddenly easy dressing for women was available.

Sure, I had a few cute dresses and little stack heels in my closet, but people told me I couldn’t disguise the student or hippie look even when I tried. I never knew exactly what they meant.

When my husband and I met our son’s girlfriend’s parents for the first time a few years ago, her jean-clad, ponytailed dad told her afterwards: “Why didn’t you tell me they were hippies? Then I wouldn’t have been so nervous.” Hippies? We were just dressing and speaking as we always do, and it was the 21st century. Hippies!

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Not really never gave a crap about clothes. But seems like I’ve always had women in my life who tell me what to wear and how to wear it. My wife always tells me if I look presentable when we go somewhere. One of my first girlfriends taught me that you don’t wear striped shirts and striped pants (the 70s) and as far back as Jr High my then girl friend told me I looked very spiffy when we went to the school dance (after she had come over and told my mom thay she would pick out my clothes for me). Lol..I recall mom laughing and telling her, “thats probably a wise decision Becky”. Even today my 9 yr old grand daughter is sometimes my fashion arbiter. Oh no don’t wear that paw paw you look like an old man lol. I’ll tell her, well here’s a news flash young lady, I AM an old man. She’ll tell me, you’re still not wearing that. I’m liable to throw on anything that comes to hand if left to my own devices.

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@NomoreY_A, my father was like that. He would actually wear a plaid shirt with plaid pants (different plaids), and when I protested, he’d say, “But they both have green in them.”

He was a college professor and must have been legendary among his students for more things than just his genuine absent-mindedness.

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