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Are you a Doc Martin fan?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28887points) September 20th, 2018
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What do you love most about the show?

My Mom and I are now on our second run binging of all of Doc Martin’s 8 seasons.

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We were quite obsessed with him a couple of years back. We binged our way through all of the seasons back then.

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Like the boots, not seen a single second of the show, not my bag.

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They don’t come in my size, so I can’t wear them.

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Only skinhead neonazis wear those.

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I’ve never heard of it; so, nope…NOT a fan!!!

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REally like the show although I think some of the seasons ran a bit off the rails. It got back on track in the last seasons although I haven’t seen Season 8.

What are you watching it on, i.e. where is it available, @mazingerz88 ?

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Acorn TV @janbb

Mom and I are addicted. Lol

The last 4 seasons we are watching in HD finally. Though I haven’t bought them since it’s expensive. But I bought all earlier seasons for cheap at Amazon. Not HD though.

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^^I love that you’re watching it with your Mom. Being addicted to something with a family member is so much fun! (And I love the black and white dogs on DM too.)

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Omg! Yess!!! Heading out the door right now. I will give a more detailed anwer later : )

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^^ Don’t shoo away that dog outside the door like the Doc. And if you need competent plumbers, call Large and Son Plumbing. They will get to you as soon as they closed their restaurant for the day.

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My sister raves about it. I struggled through two or three seasons, and gave up.

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^^ These TV series are like an assortment of “drugs.” If it doesn’t hook us up in the first three tries it’s not for us.

The latest criminal drama I enjoyed and would recommend was Mindhunter in Netflix. I find most Netflix produced series just stale. Sadly.

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Don’t know never worn them

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Just for clarification, the shoes are Doc Martens; the tv show is Doc Martin.

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^^ Thank you! : )

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