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What do you think of this law in Oregon that automatically registers eligible voters to vote, unless they opt out?

Asked by Dutchess_III (44665points) October 24th, 2018
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It became law in January of 2016. In order to be taken off the rolls you have to register to be taken off.
Do you think many people, who don’t want to vote, will go through the hassle of taking themselves off of the rolls, or will they just not vote?

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Probably just not vote. Why not keep your options open?

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Do you think it would make a difference if people knew they were already registered, and all they have to do now is vote?

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I bet it would split between the ones who say “Shit, guess I might as well vote” and the ones who say “Shit, I didn’t register before because I won’t vote, and I’m still not gonna vote”

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Voting should be obligatory and failure to comply punishable by having your government.

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So you don’t have to prove that you died or moved?

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I think it’s a great idea. Why should someone have to register to vote? I think just getting a state ID should automatically enroll you to vote. I never understood the extra step. Just because your registered doesn’t mean you have to vote. In Oregon they vote by mail. Voting participation is up since they made some of these changes. I don’t know how much up.

I also don’t understand men needing to sign up for selective service once it had become systematic that when a baby is born they get a social security number. Why is it not just automatic that if we ever have a draft, the government is going to find the 18–25 year olds?

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Logically speaking, If they weren’t interested in registering then they probably don’t care enough to vote!!! So, I’m thinking that they will fail to take the time to vote because they just don’t care!!!

Here, when you register to vote, you’re automatically added to the jury pool & a lot don’t regiser to vote because they don’t want to be on a jury!!!

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@LadyMarissa Registering to vote is not the only way you get on the jury duty rosters. Paying taxes and having a drivers license is used also.

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