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Are you cautiously optimistic that the early voting turnout has been so huge?

Asked by chyna (47205points) November 5th, 2018
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Is this a good sign or a bad sign for our government?

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I don’t get my hopes up. Too many disappointments in the past 30+ years of voting.

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Very cautiously. Also very anxious!

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Yeah, no, maybe…

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@canidmajor Maybe you need a drink to decide?

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Well I’m sure tired of people who don’t vote complaining about the results of elections, so I’m glad to see more people taking part in the process.

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It’s a good thing.

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I think people are polarized and angry, which should lead to more voting overall. I no know undecided voters which is unusual.

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I was interested in how many non political professionals are running for office.
I thought it was just in my little community, nurses and such. Then I start hearing it is all over the country, a NASA scientist. It is both democrats and republicans.
No matter what your politics, you have to admit President Trump had a lot to do with that. People from all walks of life are saying, “if he can, by golly…”
I have waited decades to see government less populated by lawyers.

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More anxious than anything. Tomorrow after work…cautiously going to take tequila shots watching the results.

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Here, the early voting turnout is a direct result of people that are either too lazy or feel too important to stand in line so they lie about why they can’t vote on election day & request to vote early. There has been a steady rise in early voters since back when Bush was in office. With my disability, I could request that they bring one of the voting machines out to my car so I could vote. It’s supposed to be storming here tomorrow & I won’t be asking anyone to stand out in the rain just so I can vote; so, my plan is to go inside then request a chair until it’s my turn to get to a machine!!!

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No. Not even a little bit.

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so they lie about why they can’t vote on election day

Early voting is not bad. No need to make it a moral issue and add guilt that discourages voting. In Oregon vote by mail is the default. When I lived in Michigan, absentee by mail was technically limited, but all the politically tuned-in people I knew voted early to free up time for get-out-the-vote efforts on Tuesday.

I understand the enthusiasm for showing up on Tuesday. I love the community feel of walking to the park fieldhouse, with people sauntering in from all directions. If it’s storming that makes it all the more like a little adventure.


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I only really care about our Governors race
The federal Government is not going to change-lots of talk and blaming, no good legislation.

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…I was interrupted…

But there’s no shame in absentee voting.

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Wait, what?
Cautiously optimistic is the default setting of those against Trump.
Kind of no option really, case of if you didn’t laugh you’d cry.

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No optimism here. My country taught me how low it could go electing Trump. America has a chance to show their better than that Tuesday. But we’ll see…

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No. I wouldn’t use the word optimistic.

I’m interested to see what happens, but I wouldn’t say optimistic. I do think a lot of democrats with win, but I have no idea how many it will wind up being.

I’ve said for 20 years that Americans don’t vote, because their lives are pretty good. This large showing is an indication to me that the country is unhappy. I don’t only mean unhappy with Trump, I mean unhappy people.

If the democrats get the majority I hope they don’t try to impeach Trump the first few weeks they are in office. I hope they take a small pause and see how things go.

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I hope the Dems win the House and Senate. But don’t go bonkers on impeachment.

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Mixed feelings. It is good to see people taking an interest, especially if there are a fair number of first time voters. On the other hand, the enthusiasm on both sides shows how divided we are.

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I guess you could be optimistic about it. There are probably a lot of Dem supporters going out and voting. There are also a lot of Repubs going out and voting as well. It makes me optimistic that people are getting engaged. Now we need them to actually do research instead of listening to talking heads on TV.

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America has the chance to redeem itself at the polls and I hope it does.

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@flutherother Don’t count out the Russian interference! Ha!

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Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I’m sure the Russians are trying but we are a bit more aware of it this time and are taking steps to combat it

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