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Have you ever been on TV?

Asked by kritiper (25757points) December 19th, 2018
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News stories, interviews, just passing through the shot, kid’s cartoon shows

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For me, once on a kid’s cartoon show in Portland OR, in the 60’s.
Two different times I was in my car passing through the shot in the background.
Once for a television news program where my business was being highlighted. (This was shown quite a few times after the reporter did a afternoon program where all of the businesses he had done were shown multiple times over many weeks.)
Once for a news report about my mom’s old school being closed.

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I was interviewed by a TV crew on Dec 31, 2007 while at Bryant Park in New York City. They were asking people’s opinion about Michael Bloomberg running for President.

Ot was shown on the evening news, but by then I was on a plane home. When I landed in San Francisco and turned on my phone, there were a half dozen voice mails about it.

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Yes. 3 episodes of a quiz show. They shot a full week’s programs on the same day.

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A couple times. Once was a human interest story at Wall Drug in South Dakota. Traveling through with my kids and the news guy wanted to film and interview me and the kids. Not sure how much made it to the news broadcast…we were traveling through. I did have another news interview. I was a witness to an attempted murder across the street from my house. I was the voice of the 911 call on all the news channels and got interviewed by one of them as well. It’s true…the camera adds at least 10 pounds!

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I was on TV in an audience background scene a couple times when I attended a filming of the Letterman show in NYC. And once briefly when I attended a filming of Jeopardy.

I have been on radio a couple times; once as a panelist on a talk radio show having to do with computers and the internet, and once when I was a member of a non-profit organization and they wanted a local spokesman.

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One time in a news item that they filmed in the factory I was working at; it was about safety in pesticides factories.
Our factory was at the forefront of safety at the time.
The backside of my body was aired for at least three seconds.

Second time was twenty odd years ago; my little brother and I participated in a game show (which we were sure we would win, but we didn’t) where we competed with another duo at guessing five letter words, being given one or two vowels.
I was so nervous in the introducing talk bit that I made up hobbies on the spot.
Playing guitar, mainly blues (I can barely strum one chord), and para sailing….

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Yes, twice.

In 1957, I participated in the pledge of allegiance on Sheriff John’s Lunch Brigade.

In 1966, I stood at the podium on the Joe Pyne Show, and “grilled” some religulous temperance fanatic about Christ’s wine consumption at the last supper.

I’m majorly sure that no one anywhere in the Flutherverse, has ever heard of either of those totally local shows.

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A couple of times as a teen. I was asked to do some modeling for a low budget local channel.

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A few times I was interviewed on news broadcasts as the spokesperson for an organization I was involved with.

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@Brian1946 – I remember the Joe Pyne show – it played when I was a kid growing up in Ohio on one of those UHF stations. I think I was 12–13 years old.

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Several times. I’m awesome.

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@KNOWITALL – Miss Universe pageant, right?

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@elbanditoroso Nope, but I was in pageants as a kid. I was too shy at the time to be competitive tbh.

Usually it’s a lifestyle interview, like once about how I felt about my dad not wanting to pay child support when I was kid and how it affected my life/ choices. Once singing at nursing homes. Just various things over the years.

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My dipshit ex was in a commercial in the Pacific northwest (where he’d run off to after he deserted the family) that discussed something about homeless people. It was created for Boeing to show it’s employees…I think to get them to donate or something. Well, my ex is an idiot and wound up homeless because he is an idiot. He had had our 14 year old daughter with him, and she starred in this short film too, and oh, we were supposed to feel so sorry for them.
Well, half my family works at Boeing Seattle, that saw that, and they knew the real story. Boy, were they pissed! They turned him in to SRS! He had finally sent my daughter home, but was still claiming her to get benefits. He got in trouble. :D AND they forced him to start paying child support again, after 3 years of not sending any in spite of the court order.

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Okay @Brian1946 watched Sheriff John all the time in the 50’s ^^^^!
Was on Miss Hemple’s Saturday dance show in Los Angeles in late 1950’s, twice. Also made the local news in Connecticut in 1986 while crossing a picket line as a salary worker in my 15 year old VW was hit by a 2×4 on the roof. It made the 6 and 11 PM news.

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A few times, couple for work, a few random background appearances on the news, one random interview for evening news.

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Stopped at an “get your eyeglasses within an Hour” shop and was interviewed about the experience and it was showed on TV commercials showing interviews about their purchase etc
Looking back now…it was the worst pair of eyeglasses in my life.
At the time it was “in” to have upside down rims…lol
gawd it is still embarrassing to see in old pictures.It was right up there with “bell bottom” pants, the rage in the early 1960“

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Bell bottom pants were cool. The still are, IMO. They’ve very flattering.

I got my first pair of glasses in the 60s. I had a choice between two plastic rims, tortoise shell or white. And they swept up to a point, like cat woman’s eyes.

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@Brian1946 You always seem to be present at some wild situations :D

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