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What are the advantages of being middle aged over much younger people?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28886points) January 5th, 2019
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As asked.

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~Younger people think that you know what you are doing, and think that they are at fault most of the time.

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One word, Experience.

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@SQUEEKY2 has hit the nail on the head, experience, absolutely!

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Definately wisdom and life experience. Plus our hormones are calmer so we can focus haha. With that, probably material comfort and financial security. Steady relationships. No little kids. Cheaper insurance and better interest rates.

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“Face it girls. I’m older and have more insurance!”

Nothing irks me more than a middle aged person reacting like an inexperienced kid.

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No longer have to waste time reading microwave instructions for Cup o soup.

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No longer experience guilt masterbating.

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You can chop the head right off that chicken without puking.

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Middle aged & above—you’ve very likely lived through the best times our sadly obdurate country is likely to see.

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I have less acne.

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Less fear. More happiness. More adventurous.

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They know more. They’ve been there, done that. It’s easier and wiser to make decisions based upon knowledge. Older people are less prone to make decisions based upon mere feelings alone. They have to make decisions based upon reality, and facts, rather than upon weepy feelings, old grudges, and fear.

They also don’t need to make decisions based upon lust (although some still do) and passion. Older folks, if they are lucky, can see the bigger picture, and the potential consequences of their decisions. Not always, but to a higher degree than folks in their teens and twenties.

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All above but IMO the biggest difference is once you enter middle age you separate superficial, trivial things from what is really important. “Success” is not so much a measure of occupation, material wealth or even social standing it’s more general happiness and daily experience. “Forget getting the fancy title, long hours and fat paycheck I’d rather be fishing” Speaking for guys here by our 40’s most men have finally matured, hormones have eased somewhat and we don’t compete like we did when we were young bucks. It’s a time of letting go of unrealistic ambition, feeling anxiety about the future and other things that detract from living a meaningful life. That nagging biological push to become established subsides and it’s when most men can actually have a life.

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People always operate on the assumption that older = wiser. But, you know, stupid people get old too.

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Even stupid people gain wisdom as they get older. Does not mean they are not still stupid, just experienced in being stupid.

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Eh, no. Some people never grow wise. They merely think that they’re wiser.

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To my mind the trait most imprinted on me that was sorely under appreciated and virtually neglected in my youth is the crucial significance of health, and that’s probably a good thing. All these trips to rest homes, hospitals and mortuaries have set me to wondering whether hypochondriacs significantly outlive the rest of us. I also find myself speculating on my youth and thoughts of living as today with the unending intrusion of frailty and death. But then again, 2 of the most practical and sensible people I ever met were girlfriends in my youth who had both lost their parents as kids. I can remember at 18 getting a lecture from my 19 year old sweetie on which supermarket chain had consistently better prices. It might as well have been a lecture in Aramaic on Chinese trigonometry. 2–3 minutes into the dissertation, she noticed the look on my face and burst into laughter. From that moment on, she would refer to me lovingly (to the delight of her girlfriends) as her pet goat. I was “Billy” from there on out. So right behind health comes practicality.

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@Darth_Algar Unless someone is incapable of forming new memories or has some form of cognitive decline then your assertion that some people never learn and grow wiser is patently absurd.

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@Are You He’s still young I think haha

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Well, there are stupid old people. They may get wiser as they age, but not necessarily wiser than anyone else, including children. They are just wiser than the imbecile they once were.

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No, I’m in my 5th decade on this planet. And believe me, I’ve know plenty of people who, despite being in their 40’s or 50’s or even 60’s, have never grown up and never learned a goddamn thing in life.

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