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Is personal blogging passe?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33059points) January 13th, 2019
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Sure, there are lots of corporate or business blogs – more every day.

I’m asking about the personal blogs—the vanity type—I’ll write when I feel like it – blogs that were so common a few years ago.

I’m not seeing them, either by stumbling on them, or by seeing referrals to them from other blogs or publications.

Has personal blogging jumped the shark? Or did all the personal bloggers figure out they needed to have income?

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IMO it’s always been.

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I have a writer friend who still blogs but haven’t seen any others in a long time.

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It seems to have moved into more public viewing, like the Facebook post that is long and personal and blog like, or questions here that don’t seem to be answer-seeking but are of a more story telling type.

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They are switching from text to video. I hope that it isnt passe becasuse I might make a career from it.

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Well, without any feedback the author loses interest. It’s just another way for people who like to write, write.

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Blogs with a specific theme still have some appeal, i.e. travel blogs, “mommy” blogs, but just some dude talking about his life, I don’t know how popular those are anymore. I see it sometimes on YouTube in video form, but there’s generally some kind of business model to it.

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I didn’t “blog” per se, but I do have a tumblr page where I have posted poetry I’ve written. I started it when I took an online writing class, we would each post our work and critique each other; the professor would also share comments so everyone could see.

After the class, I continued to post poems and short exercises. And I would share the link. But I rarely had anyone stop by to look; one woman I was dating once said something.

Without people encouraging one to write, or asking about something, it feels like standing on a lonely hilltop shouting to the wind. It gets tiring and of no consequence.

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Yes @zenvelo. It does feel just like that.

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Yes, and podcasts are almost as boring usually.

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They’ve turned into vlogs on youtube. As that’s where the money is.

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I see blog posts getting shared on Reddit, but they are topic-oriented rather than personal.

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