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What would you ask a demon in possession of a human body?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29030points) January 24th, 2019
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If you believe in this thing and has the chance to talk to a possessed human being, do you have the courage to engage and questions to ask?

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To rotate its head 360 degrees, and then stab its crotch with a crucifix.

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I have seen many scenes about it on TV (believe it or not many people here are still superstitious, or religiously superstitious) and most of the time the related people around this possessed person will be too scared to initiate a conversation until a religious figure/leader exorcise the ‘something’ inside the person, some will simply cry and listen carefully when the possessed (which is ‘revealed’ to be the soul of deceased family member) talk in a gibberish manner. My family are descended from a ‘Priestess/Shaman’-line, my aunt, who claimed to have inherited that ability has done the possessed situation several times and our family wouldn’t want to discuss about it when I ask, however I feel that they bend toward the believers faction.

I would personally ignore anyone who is in possessed state. If I must say something I would say “How long do you plan on keeping this going?” to whoever the person in that person.

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I would ask to tell me his/her life story and how they became a demon.

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What does the rent run on one of those things?

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How do I get your job? Do I need to have a friend on the Demon Placement Authority?

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“Are you going to eat that?”

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Why do you need to possess a human or anything? Is your ability to survive minimal without it?

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How much for the mazingerz spayed vaccinated and with a leash?

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But are you happy and fulfilled?

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Will you retain Giuliani as your counsel for your criminal trial? ;-)

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“Stop freakin scaring people!”

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I know you’re gay, so are you coming out or what?

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I guess I would ask why Satan wants souls. How is that important in the grand scheme of things?

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