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Assuming for the sake of argument the "Great Man Theory" is true, who would be your top 3 "Great men"?

Asked by Caravanfan (13522points) January 25th, 2019
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The Great Man theory is a 19th century historical theory that states that historical change is made through the actions of “great men”.

Great men don’t necessarily need to be good men. For example, Hitler, Napolean, and Genghis Khan can all be considered great men.

So let’s put aside the obvious paternal misogynistic overtones of this theory, who would be on your top 3 list of “great men”

I’m thinking—if this particular man did not exist, the world might look very different now.

I’m going to go with these, just for the sake of argument:
Cyrus the Great
Genghis Khan
Winston Churchill

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Jesus Christ
Karl Marx
Tim Berners-Lee

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George Washington
Coca Cola inventor

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Abraham Lincoln

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Constantine the Great
Galileo Galilei
Christopher Columbus

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Einstein’s first wife Mileva Maric
The Twilight Zone Rod Serling
Star Trek Gene Roddenberry
honorable mention Stan Lee

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Honorable mention
Gary Gygax creator of Dungeons Dragons

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Thomas Paine – men like Washington get the glory, but without the writings of Paine the American Revolution never would have happened.

Gavrilo Princip – nearly forgotten by now, but I’d argue that no one person did more to shape the events of the past century than Princip did with a single act. An act which, at the time of its happening, barely registered with most people in the world.

Johannes Gutenberg – whos invention of the printing press led to books, reading, knowledge and education becoming opened to the masses rather than just the priesthood and aristocracy.

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Willy Wonka
Stan Laurel

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Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha
Kumārila Bhaṭṭa
whoever got settled agricultural land ownership and kingship started

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Martin Luther King
Albert Einstein
Charles Darwin

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Rosa Parks
Marie Curie

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Karl Landsteiner for figuring out blood type ABO, which made blood transfusion safer, literally the difference between a transfusion saving the patient or killing them.

Louis Pasteur for his research in microbiology affecting many things including making food safer and helping with how vaccinations are developed.

Margaret Sanger for enduring being jailed and having the guts to stand up to laws against birth control advertising and distribution. She helped fund the research for the birth control pill. People being able to control their fertility significantly changed America and the world, and especially the lives of women.

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Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, The God-Emperor of Mankind.

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Jack Kilby
Kurt Lehovec
Robert Noyce

There were a couple more but we are limited to three so…

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Thomas Edison
Albert Einstein
John F. Kennedy

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Obama (both of them)
Stephan Hawkings
Abraham Lincoln

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My paternal grandfather, who discovered fire.
My uncle, who invented the wheel.
Nikola Tesla, who modernized electricity and invented Elon Musk! ;-p

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Mandella, who is my great grandfather on my uncle’s side.

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Thanks for reminding me:

Larry Mondello, who was a growth on my aunt’s right side.

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