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Isn't this recipe a brilliant idea for big family?

Asked by Unofficial_Member (5107points) February 2nd, 2019
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This recipe is not only super cheap but can also feed a lot of people. I think a better way to make use of it is to use a small portion of it as a side dish on top of rice, that way you could eat a lot, have a great taste, and at the same time saving your money. I believe this recipe will also make a good budget food for buffet in a party. What do you folks think? Do you think people who need to save money from food expenses need to know about this inspiring recipe? Or perhaps you have a better, cheaper alternative of your own you would like to share?

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It’s cheap, and it’s filling, but it ain’t food and it ain’t the least healthy.

Between the cheese and the sodium from the ramen, my blood pressure was starting to climb.

Augmented ramen is not the answer.

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I don’t want to watch a 5 minute video. Can you run it down for me?

Going off what @zenvelo is saying, I used to make a mac and cheese from Ramen that was super good.

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@zenvelo It’s already food when it’s edible and fill your stomach. Y’all can swap the cheese and salt with the low sodium ones but don’t blame nobody when your wallet start crying.

@Dutchess_III It’s all about making a dish that can feed up to 7 people with just the cost of $3.35. The food consist of the blend of ramen, cheap proteins, cheese, seasoings, and etc, cooked in a soupy fashion (it’s so flexible that the more people you need to feed the more soupy it will become). Just imagine how much money you could’ve saved. I suggest that you give it a watch. 5 minutes of inspiring recipe won’t kill you.

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I didn’t say it would kill me. Just not interested.
What does a “cheap protein” consist of? Beans?

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^^ Leftover taco meat (really, any cheap/leftover meat could serve the same purpose). Please give it a look, @Dutchess_III . I’ve also put some of my personal time to watch when you posted a question with video.

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I made hamburger soup that didn’t cost a lot. It included hamburger, carrots, potatoes and peas, all in a tomato base. It was super, super good.

I also always shop for a “buy one get one free” roast, which I cook up with carrots, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. I serve with a French bread. After eating it once my son sat back with a huge sigh of satisfaction and said, “That’ll cure what ails ya!”

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^^ I see. Is your hamburger soup really that cheap? How many people could it fill in one batch?

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Gosh, I don’t know! As many as it would, I guess. Sure it’s cheap. Cheaper than steak or something. The roast is really cheap too, but only if you use the one you got for free ~. :)~

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That looked pretty quick, cheap, and easy to me.
Do you see any reason regular pasta couldn’t be used instead of the Ramen Noodles? Crush up some old elbow macaroni or whatever.
If you don’t have leftover taco meat you can use chicken or beans.

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I watched it. I have to go with @zenvelo‘s assessment—no nutrition at all, with the exception of a spoonful of hamburger meat. There are some super healthy options out there that aren’t all that expensive.
Here is a recipie for hamburger soup When I make it I just buy a bag of frozen veggies and throw them in.

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”... but don’t blame nobody when your wallet start crying.

You can pay a bit to the grocer and have a delightful healthy meal, or you can pay the cardiologist and the pharmacy.

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Oh that really looks delicious, @Dutchess_III , and it’s easy too. I’m thinking that even if I got lazy I could just throw all the ingredients in a crock pot and let them simmer all day long while I’m busy doing other things.

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Superlative, nonpareil, an epitome. The exemplary concomitant to any degustation.

@Unofficial_Member “I think a better way to make use of it is to use a small portion of it as a side dish on top of rice, that way you could eat a lot, have a great taste, and at the same time saving your money.”

Too save even more one could use an increasingly infinitesimally tiny portion atop an exponentially expanding bowl of rice.

As night falls on another beautiful day in paradise I know now, with certianty, what I will be enjoying as a simple delicious evening meal.

Thank you Unofficial Member.

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@Unofficial_Member it also freezes very well. I keep some on hand to throw in the camper when we go.

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