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Do you use flea protection on your animals that are outside every month?

Asked by Harper1234 (857points) March 27th, 2019
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Buying flea and tick protection for your outside dogs and cats can get expensive every month. Does everyone just suck it up and do it?

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Yes. You do not want fleas; they do not want fleas.

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Yup, every month also use Heart Worm medication,

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We use Trifexis which protects against fleas and heart worm. Once a month dosage, though it is expensive.

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Fighting a flea infestation in your house is more expensive than flea protection for your pets. If you don’t do it to make your pets happier and healthier, at least do it for that reason.

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I treat my cats twice 3 times a year with Advantage II. I treat them twice in two weeks. Then I spray the inside of the house with Adams water based flea spray.

I also monitor the cats using a flea comb.

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If it’s an outside dog, it needs heart worm protection as well. Heart worms are transmitted by mosquito bites…

@seawulf575 provided a good example of a product that can handle both.

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This sounds like complete overkill to me, never done this with any dog i’ve had & none have ever had an infestation.

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Mine are indoor-outdoor, but we treat the yard and get their meds about May end around September.

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