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Has the "Modding process" here gone off the rails?

Asked by joeschmo (1396points) April 5th, 2019
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Is this a direct result of the lack of support here and the tiny amount of participants?

I do appreciate their volunteerism, however, it seems to be sub par. Sorry.

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No. Very few mods, lots of abuse, and Qs like this. They still manage to deal very well with spam, considering all that there is, they do the best they can in the face of people bitching and whining about them, and they don’t say mean stuff.

They are to be commended. If you have a specific problem (beyond a rather vague and nebulous”off the rails” snide remark) take it up with them, have a discussion, try to resolve.

Some users here tend to get incensed by the fact that their deathless prose is not treated with the respect that they think it deserves, or that they feel that the mods are biased and unfair because they suspend this person but not that one.

Talk to them. Get to know them. Ask them what it’s like to take the criticism and abuse that they have to deal with and still come back and care enough to do this job. They are actual humans that you might like and respect.

I know someone quite well who used to be a mod here. The meanness emanating from the users who seemed nice on the public threads was amazing.

Questions like this are just kinda rude.

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Read the details.

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I did. You just said it was sub par. Why is it sub par? Why don’t you address your concern with the mods?

Read my post.

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Could you give an example, please? This question is vague.

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I notice you tagged “grammar.” Without knowing what the question is about, did you get modded for grammar? If so, Fluther was always into proper grammar, spelling, no typos, no text-speak, etc.

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No, it hasn’t. It is still good, and we are very lucky to have it. Even when I get modded for something I don’t think was wrong, I appreciate the intentions and the efforts of our mods. The last thing they deserve is abuse.

Moreover, I don’t think much of calling repeated attention to the fact that our site is not as robust as it once was. It reminds me of my mother-in-law. When I had a very miserable, debilitating months-long attack of bronchial asthma, she never missed an opportunity to bring it up: “Are my flowers making you wheeeeze? I’ll take them off the table. I’m so sorry, that was thoughtless of me.” She did this sort of thing all the time, even when there was no possible connection. (And I was not wheezing.)

I felt like she was undermining my recovery by constantly reminding me of my illness and what a nuisance it was for everybody else. We don’t need this here.

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Let me get this right; you been here three weeks AND you are the “one that knows”!

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Tropical Wille, I didn’t say I’m the one who knows anything.

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Could you give examples?

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If it is “off the rails” you must know when it is “on the rails” !

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^nice catch

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Criticizing the mods is pretty taboo here. I’m assuming you’re referring to your question about guilty pleasure TV shows that got modded for grammatical standards. That’s something that the mods are strict about. I think it happened to me once, though I don’t remember specifically. It’s not a big deal, just reword the question and it’ll be put back.

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The moderators here are as fair as a pack of Nazi-socialist-dark-wizard-vampires can be. ~

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Sorry. Thanks.

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Tropical Willie, as you’ve been here a while now, you should know that many, many jellies revisit here incognito, or, under a nom de plume. Let’s just say I remember when YOU joined.

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^^ I thought so.

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So someone has had long standing issues with the moderation? Ever going to answer my original question?

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Thank Goodness for the mods. We’ve had a troll trolling really obnoxiously for weeks and I’m so glad they keep on it when his annoying head pops up. I am very grateful they are here.

If you’re having an issue with the mods, why not take it up with them by contacting them?

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^which Head keeps popping up? ~

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@chyna You got the joke!

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So, @joeschmo, are you going to bother to tell us what is sub par? Did a post you think was exceptionally clever get modded?

There is usually a specific reason that prompts a question like this about the mods.

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@canidmajor, some people equate whatever annoys them with something that is objectively done wrong, or some wrong that is done to them, or something that is against the universal moral order. That may turn out to be misplaced blame. In this case I think the user persona is sub par, so I’m not one who cares what the answer is.

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In my time here, this type of thing is common. Not the Mods being off the rails. Rather ex-jellies who leave mad and return. They don’t seem to be able to hide their disdain for the site for too long until it pops up in a thread like this…

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Maybe the people that have issues with the modding could be volunteers so they could help out and see the issues the mods face daily.

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As I understand it, mods must be fair-minded people who can enforce the rules kindly but firmly, and keep their cool even with obstreperous members, as well as being willing to devote a lot of time to cleanup work. I wouldn’t think that a person who’s inclined to be resentful and hold grudges or get snarky would be a very good choice.

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I’ve seen a few things modded in the last few months that seemed a little ‘extra’ picky, yes.

They also seems to be deleting all contentious posts and replies, which is odd, they used to let us fight/debate/argue out unless it got out of control.

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@KNOWITALL When an answer is removed, we also remove the replies to that answer. This has been true for as long as I’ve been here (which is almost a decade). We are not removing all contentious posts, but we are continuing to remove personal attacks (of which there has been a greater number lately). We also remove answers like “what happened here?” when posted in response to moderation. This has led in a few cases to people assuming that we removed an argument when we actually were removing spam or off-topic replies (despite the fact that the initial removed comment was marked as “off-topic” and not as “personal attack”). Jellies are still having plenty of arguments, as they always will.

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There was no “Activity For You” for the last post. This happens on and off.

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Has the “Modding process” here gone off the rails?

‘Twould seem that it has when slang and idiom are considered acceptable diction in what was once a bastion of best practice brogue.

I yearn for the more disciplined times of yore when punishment was as swift as satire.

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