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Did you ever have a dream where you figured out that you were dreaming, or probably dreaming, and did not or could not awaken?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) July 25th, 2019
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Some people call this ‘lucid dreaming’ and some have even learned how to control their dreams when this happens. Others have tried, with very limited success, to change the course of a dream.

Most people I suspect simply awaken when they realize they are dreaming. Not sure why our bodies seem to mandate this response.

But other times, for me at least, there have been times, usually in a nightmare that involves something extremely unlikely (like dozens of hostile miniature alien robots coming out of a squealing icemaker) that I have become aware I was dreaming, and although I knew I was safe, I feared what would happen just in the dream itself, and did not awaken right away.

One other time, back when I was a teenager, I dreamed I had met the perfect girl and lost her in a crowd at some event, like a small carnival—and when I realized I was dreaming (because I couldn’t identify the place where I was, or how I got there, and realized then that I was dreaming) I did not wake up, and wanted to keep on looking in the crowd for the girl I lost. Eventually I awoke anyway, the feelings of loss spilling into the first few moments of morning consciousness.

One time, I dreamed of taking a test and realized I was dreaming because the bizarre questions didn’t make any sense and were quite ridiculous, but no one else taking the test seemed to think so. I sat there, knowing I was dreaming, trying to absorb the details of where I was and what the dream was about.

One time, when I knew I was dreaming, I asked a friend in a dream what I looked like, because I wondered if I was in a similar “body” when I was dreaming. But I find it hard to hold awareness that I am dreaming without waking up.

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No. When I realize I am dreaming, I have no problem waking up. In fact, I am more or less forced awake through the process of reflecting on the dream. It’s a funny sort of thing, but as the inconsistencies in the dream pile up, eventually one of them trips my “this can’t be right” switch, and the realization that I’m dreaming puts an end to it all.

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I have repeat dreams, and to-be-continued dreams. Lots of times I have thought, oh, I remember this, I’m dreaming. If it is an obstacle dream I try a new approach to get past that obstacle. Sometimes I find myself in a previous dream and add new chapters.
With the obstacles, it doesn’t occur to me that I can do magic. I try new ways to overcome, but mostly within the boundaries of probability.

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It is happening right now.

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One morning I had sleep paralysis and that was freaky and it was beyond my control.
But when it comes to dreaming I can wake myself up. I prefer to try and control the dream tho.

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I haven’t personally not been able to wake from a dream; however, I have read where others have experienced it. For me, I usually awaken suddenly still half in the dream & it feels so freakin real that I’m having a panic attack thinking that I’m actually living it. It usually takes me several seconds or even minutes to convince myself that it was actually a dream & that everything is OK!!! The first few times it happened, I was totally freaked out!!! Now it has happened often enough that it doesn’t take so long to realize that I’m actually fine…still, it is a very uncomfortable experience!!!

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Did you get to meet your guardian demon?

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I’ve had lucid dreams very seldom. The one I remember best was when I was around eight years old and I dreamed I was in the local sweet shop on my own. It was just a dusty wooden shack but the jars of sweets and stacks of chocolate made it an Aladdin’s cave for me. I realised I was dreaming and I made a desperate attempt to grab as many sweets as I could before I woke up. But it was hopeless, I could feel the dream fading away and the bars of chocolate and strips of liquorice turning into a mirage in my hands. It was so frustrating. I have tried to dream myself back there several times since but without success.

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Not yet @ragingloli but I haven’t really gone looking. (Thanks. Tonight should be fun. Smh.)

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Think about it. The demon is with you all the time, and it never hurt you. So it has to be your friend.

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Demons are not good guys. Just very patient.

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That is just christian propaganda.

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Half the time when I realize I’m dreaming I can control it for just a little bit before waking. Usually I wake right up though. Frustrating because I’m almost always about to get laid and then I wake up.

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I guess the last woman that told you “not in your dreams” was a witch.

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Rhymes with witch

I prefer the company of witches

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A lich.

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Can we move this to Social?

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[mod says] Question moved to Social per OP’s request.

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Yes, I have, to one degree or another, many times.

I’ve had some instruction in dreaming and have a regular dream group that intentionally dreams on chosen topics and then unpacks the dreams together.

If you practice, you can develop more lucidity for remembering dreams, and being able to stay in a dream state or liminal state while having some awareness. Try paying attention to what’s going on as you fall asleep and wake up. Having a practice of trying to remember and record your dreams helps, though it can take a long time to develop, and different people have different experiences and types of dreams.

It seems to help a lot to be well-rested. Also I find that it’s often easier after I’ve been asleep for a while and then wake up during the night and then try to remain aware as I fall asleep, or as I am sleeping and notice I’m dreaming. That’s when I’m most likely to be able to surf in and out of different levels of dreaming and awareness.

One thing I’ve quite enjoyed is when I’ve had an annoying dream, such as some very annoying person is being obnoxious or threatening in the dream and I’m suffering and/or feeling powerless about it some way, but then I become lucid enough to take control of the dream and find that I have all sorts of power to correct the situation…

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I would be interested in a drug which keeps you in the dream even after you realized you were inside one. Who knows what could happen? Bad stuff or good?

Once I realized I’m dreaming most of the time that wakes me up. Sometimes though when it’s a flying dream I would have some time to take advantage and “consciously” make the decision to enjoy it as long as possible. I would fly like how Chris Reeve flew in Superman.

Then there were these zombie dreams. Always in the dream it begins with the dreadful anticipation that they’re coming to surround a house I was in which will be followed by the inevitable break-in. For some strange reason despite being aware I was dreaming, I couldn’t wake myself up. And so the walking dead would come and to avoid being attacked I would pretend to be one of them, moaning, groaning whilst trudging forward.

The subterfuge only works for a few seconds and once I see they’re all looking at me that’s when I wake up.

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Have you tried spawning a minigun and mowing them all down like an MG42 gunner at Normandy?

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I am a Lucid Dreamer. I almost always know I’m dreaming. Nightmares are very rare, for me. I can fly, and breath underwater, in my dreams. Really, anything that I can imagine.

I have giant dragon wings, that can protect me from anything. A few years ago, I added a dragon tail, that I can kill any monsters with.
Doesn’t work for sex dreams though:(

I have had sleep paralysis, a lot. I read somewhere that there is a link in the two…

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Yes. I had a fear of being in danger and not being able to wake up.
One night I had a dream and I thought I heard something outside of the dream in the real world. In the dream I screamed and wrenched myself awake. It was draining!
Some time later I was asleep and thought I heard a noise in the house, only this was a real noise. I woke right up, no problem.
I have never had a problem waking up since.

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@ragingloli This zombie dream had occurred several times now in my lifetime and it’s exactly the same action I kept making in dealing with it. Wish I could get Freud’s take on it.

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@mazingerz88 you don’t need a drug to stay in your dream! Just tell yourself that’s what you want to do!

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^^Sorry doesn’t work that way with me. I’ve been a good boy all my life. Only tried weed once in college and refused several times a co-worker’s offer for me to try crack cocaine so many years ago. I’m entitled to try drugs like that now that I’m middle aged! Lol

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My dad taught me how to control my dreams when I was a kid.

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I have some dreams where I have control once I realize I am dreaming.

In a couple of dreams I’ve had when working with children, I have dreamed that families I know have a child who has gone missing.

Realizing I am dreaming, I want the child to be found. I may be able to have supernatural powers, super-hero powers and strengths, even alter the building and scenery, but the missing child still can’t be found.

Also, can’t always stay in a dream even if I demand it. The body seems to mandate awakening once the mind figures out the whole dream is just a hoax or a lie from the subconscious, Like its saying, you figured it out, so get back to reality.

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@@mazingerz88…you WILL lucid dream tonight.

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When I am going to sleep. I start out envisioning that I’m about to jump out of an airplane. Like a back loader/military one. I can see the forest far below. Just as I’m drifting off, I jump. No chute. That’s how I start…

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@MrGrimm888 I also lucid dream and have experienced (what I guess is) sleep paralysis. Interesting to hear there may be a connection between the two.


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I wish I could recall, where I read that. It was an interesting article.

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