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If you get to have Superman’s powers for a year what are the things you would do that really matter?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28794points) July 27th, 2019
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You have Superman’s powers but you don’t wear his suit. You can create your own and wear a mask to hide your identity if you wish. But what are the things that matter most to you and how will you go about using your powers to create real change?

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Find another inhabitable planet! There is too much work here to be done and too many earthlings who don’t care.

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I’d use them for my own personal benefit.

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laser lobotomies on some certain politicians.

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I would save myself a couple thousand dollars by not needing charter flights.

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The world has become too f”£$ed up for even Superman to fix but rather than do nothing I’d grab a couple of handfuls of refugees and fly them over Trump’s wall.

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Maybe clean up the orbiting space debris.
Maybe take a ton of shredded iron and dump it in the South Pacific. (This action may trigger a mini ice age, correcting global warming)

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I’d demand world peace, for that year. And probably use my ex ray vision, to look at most women naked….

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The importance of the poles for weather is that the I can e reflects a certain amount of the sun’s light and so, heat. Scientists know that. I don’t understand why we can’t put some technology in place as a substitute. Perhaps instead of reflection, storage, so the power and heat can be applied as needed, while allowing polar caps to refreeze.

I don’t think super powers could help the world much. I think money and cooperation are needed for that. I imagine I too would be inclined to mostly use it for myself.
I might volunteer at various disaster sites. As a boost, not a cure.

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Beat some sense into the oligarchs and industries driving the world to extinction.

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I would see if my male orgasm could knock down a brick wall.

This would really matter because of, uh, reasons.

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That would put an unusual twist to a robbery report.

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