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Is Superboy racist?

Asked by ragingloli (51871points) July 28th, 2019
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I do not mean the character itself, but the concept of the character.
Being only half-Kryptonian, he is significantly weaker than Superman.
This draws directly from the “racial purity” arguments of white supremacists and white nationalists.
Compare this to the half-Saiyans from Dragonball Z, where them being “only” half-Saiyan is actually what makes them stronger Saiyans.

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How many of us might you suppose are adroit on Superboy’s biographical aspects to the extent of rendering an opinion on the subject loli? The stipulation that he has half the strength of a normal Kryptonian is no more racist than a statement that Kenyans have a running advantage, or the fact that the complexions of mixed raced individuals vary in hue. This is another of your questions that sets me puzzling “I wonder how many people read this with any clue as to what he/she is talking about?”

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Krytonians are an entirely different species from another planet. So I suppose that would make them speciest?

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It would make us xenophobes, @raum.

In regards to the concept of Superboy being racist, it’s a matter of how you choose to interpret the facts.

He is only half-Kryptonian, sharing both human and Kryptonian DNA (how that fucking works is an entirely different thread). This means, that based on Superman drawing his powers from our yellow sun because of his DNA, Superboy would be “weaker” than his father. This is a genetic fact.

The world views one wishes to tie to that fact is what is racist/not racist.

again, kryptonian dna would destroy human dna and the fact that there are kryptonian/human offspring is ridiculous.

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