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Why is it important to listen to the news? Specially when talking about politics...

Asked by JNetto (7points) August 1st, 2019
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This is not a rhetorical or a tricky question. I just want to see different perspectives on the subject.

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To keep media companies profitable, of course!

It’s important to consume some real news (listen, read, watch) if you want to be an effective member of a democratic society. Mixing up points of few can help spot BS and add depth to understanding the subject.
Otherwise people are prone to vote for easy soundbites and will believe whatever they want to hear about the results.

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Because not caring, being lazy, being uneducated at this point in time is no longer an option. Our votes shape our world, local to DC. The ‘news’ is many sources preferably the least bias possible however. It takes a little work but its certainly worth it.

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Because we live in a democracy we have some responsible for how the country is governed. We have to be informed in order to do that, we have to know the facts.

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