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What comic book character best describes the dark underbelly of the human condition?

Asked by Caravanfan (13387points) August 11th, 2019
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Question is deliberately vague.

I’m going to go with Batman, as Bruce depicts someone who has experienced pain, trauma, love, loss, hope, and betrayal.

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I say Batman because of the Joker Trump.

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The Punisher.

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@ragingloli Oh, good one. I’ve only seen the Netflix series; I haven’t read the books. But that’s a good one.

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There is also a current series on Amazon (have not watched it), titled “the boys”, which has superheroes that are all only in it for the fame, who are willing to let people die, if saving only a few of them would be bad for their image.

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Richie Rich. Did the Rich family amass such a large fortune ethically?

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@ragingloli Just finished the first season of The Boys and I loved it. I’m not a fan of the writer of the original graphic novels, Garth Ennis (he did Preacher also), but I may give it a go after watching the series.

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I finished The Boys in two days. I was all in once the plane went down.

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Imma bout to derail this thread…

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@Dutchess_lll What’s new? :D

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Batman is the most realistic superhero, but it doesn’t mean he is totally realistic. Just look at how much wealth he has. He has enough money to own a corporation, get himself some nice equipments and go out to fight crime without worrying about his next meal. He is among the 1% of the population.

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I think Two Face exemplifies the human condition better than Batman. He was once a cop but now has a double personality, like so many human’s hypocrisy.
Batman may be dark and foreboding, but his intent is always good which seems to me to be unlike the basic self-serving, greedy “underbelly” of humanity.

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Nah. Batman’s just another wealthy elite asshole with psychopathic and megalomanical tendencies. Oh sure, he fights monsters, but he’ll never kill them. He’ll just lock them away knowing full and well that they’ll get out again. Batman will never destroy the Joker. Not because of some moral code. Batman will never destroy the Joker because he needs the Joker in order to justify his own existence.

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Batman would be far more effective against crime, if he used his Bruce Wayne identity to invest in law enforcement, anti-poverty measures, and education.
But instead, he wastes his money on a secret hideout, gadgets, and combat vehicles, so he can beat up thugs at night, dressed in a glorifed fursuit, being completely ineffectual against Gotham’s crime problem as a whole.

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Got it. You don’t like Batman. Darth who would you pick them? (Rags already picked Punisher)

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Probably Banner’s Hulk. But there are hundreds of comicbook characters I haven’t discovered, one of which could fit the profile accurately.

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Crusher Hogan – just some average dude trying to make an honest living for himself, like pretty much all of us, until some empowered asshole steamrolls over him and ruins everything he’s worked to build for himself.

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