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Why does my order on Amazon say it isn't even out for delivery yet when it was delivered just now?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) September 19th, 2019
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The line is literally not even to “Out for delivery” yet but I already have it. It is a GameCube, by the way.

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The seller probably did not update the order information.

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Amazon doesn’t have the tracking number from the “third party” seller ? ?

Do you have a tracking number on Amazon Orders page ?

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Somebody failed to update the system when it was shipped. Within the next few days it will suddenly show as delivered. Although Amazon usually does pretty good with their tracking, this is not unheard of on multiple occasions!!!

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I’ve had stuff show up on my front porch and tracking number shows it leaving the shipping location 6 days ago, but nothing after that.

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See if you receive another game cube. This has happened to us twice.

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Yeah Willie, I’ve had that happen more than once. Just to test them, I reported that I never received one of the packages. Within 30 seconds, I had a response of the exact date & time the package was delivered along with a pic of where they left it. The tracking system was suddenly updated to match the info provided.

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It just updated as “delivered” Lol… eye roll

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You can really depend on them to cover their own butt!!! ROFL

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Lol, now let’s see if the game I bought for it does the same thing. I bought it 6 days ago. Tomorrow is the first day in the range it gave. Says it’s still in Indiana when I’m in Missouri, LOL.

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The one that gripes me is I have one on the way that had a delivery due date of Sep 20–24. I always track the progress so I know when to be available to collect it. I received an email from the post office saying it would be delivered on the 18th. The morning of the 18th it showed it was in Atlanta but was going to be delivered on the 18th. I pretty much knew it wasn’t because the delivery personnel would be out making deliveries about the earliest that it could possibly make it to my local post office. Sure enough an hour later it was showing moving my way. Three hours later is was at my regional office which should mean it would be delivered on the 19th. I get up this morning and check it. Care to guess where it is? The regional office had shipped it to West Virginia which meant it was impossible to deliver today. Then I received updates that it’s moving back my way. If I’m lucky, I’ll get it on the 20th or 21st. This happens a lot. If it makes it through the system too fast, the local post office will lose it until the due date and it will magically reappear. This is. not the first time and it definitely won’t be the last. It is what it is and it’s out of my control so I do my best to not let it stress me

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Isn’t that something? I once got a notice that a package had been delivered and signed for, but it didn’t arrive. The delivering company wouldn’t even talk to me about it since I (supposedly)had signed for it. I had to go to the company I bought the product from and they found a copy of my “signature.” It was a scribble.

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And yes, the game I bought for it jumped from not even out for delivery to delivered too LOL

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If I really cared, I would call Amazon and ask them.

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They’ll just give you an insulting BS answer. As long as I get my order, I don’t care what their system says!!!

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Crossover in shipping. The computer was not aware of the shipment.

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Call the company if you really want to know. This is not the place to get an answer.

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Amazon will lie to you in a NY skinny minute. I’ve had them tell me the date & time that my package was delivered only to have it actually delivered 3 days later.

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@LadyMarissa It is not Amazon lying to you but the package handler. (UPS, FedEx and USPS) I have had a delivery notice only to find the FedEx had dropped the package at the postal distribution center 80 miles away. Got it two days later in my mailbox.

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What about when the package handler’s website shows the truth and Amazon is still lying? I’ve also had Amazon lie to me

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@Tropical_Willie I was expecting an Amazon package today. I received an email stating that my package was lost &they hoped to have it back on track tomorrow. I found that to be strange as I had been specifically tracking that package & it was showing at the next town over yesterday. That location is a sort hub, so I go to their website & the package is showing on the truck & out for delivery. So, I stopped worrying & sure enough, it was delivered this afternoon.

FYI, it’s in the contract with Amazon that NO package is to be delivered before the due date; so carriers are instructed to lose any package arriving early so it can’t be delivered until the due date…NOT one day before!!!

Through trial & error, I’ve learned to know exactly when I will receive my shipment. I’m seldom more than 15–20 min off!!!

I live in Georgia & one of my packages showed on the carrier website as they had attempted to deliver but I requested that it be redelivered the next day. The next day it showed as delivered in North Carolina. So, I called Amazon to ask how to fix the problem. The girl insisted that I had received my package so there was NOTHING to be done. We went round & round because she refused to understand that the package had been delivered to a bad address 250 miles away & NOT to me. It took me almost a month of arguing with customer service to finally get it straightened out. I had paid $65 for the package, so I wasn’t giving up until they refunded my money or delivered my product. I think I talked to everybody at Amazon except Jeff Bezos & I threatened to contact him next. When it was finally straightened out, my package had been put in a shipment to a Target in Greensboro NC & it was eventually shipped to me by Target. Anytime I checked on it, I was told that it had been delivered!!!

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